Hello August!

This last week has gotten away from me.  Still plan to post more to catch everyone up. So this week was busy with getting school supplies and clothes for the kiddos.  I ended up pulling something in my lower back Monday night so it was rocky start to the week.  I did a lot of icing the first few days and then Thursday I sucked it up for some shopping.  We did manage to grab everything but a handful of items for EVERYONE!  Score!

Since I hurt my back running and working out have been out this week.  I have tried to watch my diet but with a hurt back the last thing I've been able to really do it be on my feet cooking a ton, so we've just been trying to make some smarter decisions.

Dean had some 2 Wakeboarding sessions this weekend so we did have our babysitter back out and I was able to get a bit of a breather from them and enjoy some time in the sun and fresh air.  We've been looking at puppies since Friday.  Lord help me, I'm still not sure what we're thinking. h…

Weekend Ramblings

We had a pretty productive weekend.  We had a friends tractor so we could get the property mowed and cleaned back up.  We had a BABYSITTER for the kids so Dean and I could both be outside cleaning up and mowing.  I can't tell you how big of a deal this was even though we were technically still home, lol!  Fresh air and kiddo free did my soul a lot of good!

Plans for this week were to get everything ready and bought for school and to get this house de-cluttered!!   I don't know about any of y'all but when clutter starts to build in our house, even if it's neatly put somewhere, my anxiety starts to build.   At this point I have so much in my "to sell" pile I'm pretty sure I could open up a small retail space, hahah!  But for real!!  We're too far out for yard sales.. How do you all handle it?!?  I'll be sorting, boxing things up and trying to come up with some plan to sell it or something along those lines.. no matter what it all needs new homes!


Fun Friday

The kids and I had a much needed day in the water with friends.... and no one came home sunburnt!! haha!   We stayed in the kiddie section the first half of the day, took a break for lunch and then hit the lazy river for a bit.  We then went to the one slide that Tenley was able to ride while letting Zane and Peyton jump on the other slides there for a couple of quick slides.  A little more lazy river and a swim in the wave pool before the storms rolled in.   Everyone crashed FAST tonight!

Minecraft Birthday

This boy and Minecraft, hahaha!   There are no words.  He absolutely LOVES it and he had a lot of say in this party.  According to him it was PERFECT!  Love having fun parties for my kiddos!

Let's Catch Up {4}

Ok.. so  we're on to November 2015.  We went camping at Disney (I know.. big surprise at this point, right?!) and celebrated veteran's day while we were there. Had a Minecraft birthday party for Zane (I'll do a separate post for that of course) and celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  To finish off the month our Elves returned and we put up our tree.

Let's Catch Up {3}

June 2015 meant a mom and Zane date, some lazy days and most important.. Brought Dean HOME!!!