Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Had my normal dr appt today... no change since Monday so I'll be going back next Tues for my pre-op appt. At this point I've gave up on her coming early and realize the next 8 days are just going to be hard, lol!

Today has certainly been one of those "I REALLY need a padded room" days. As much as I love my child and would not trade him for the world, I could have taken his head off!! Between hardly any sleep the last week, Zane deciding to keep waking up in the middle of the night playing, hurting, things just not going right and just so many other things I just want to hit the fast forward button!

On a good note... I did get to pick up Zane and Peyton's shirts for next week :)) They're super cute!! Make sure to check Jennifer's shop out!! Sew Sweet Boutique

And I FINALLY got Dean to hang Peyton's bow holder last night that I made like 2 months ago, lol!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girl Get Togethers

So I was talking with a friend on fb about wanting to start getting a group of us girls together and start learning new things... diff recipes, artsy and crafty stuff, homey stuff... just some girl time with some sharing of everyones different skills. Tonight she sent me a link to a blog that was EXACTLY like what we were talking about wanting to start! Now just to find girls who want to do it... I"m thinking once a month to start and see how it goes... I know everyone busy and with me going to have a little one in 8.5 days{!!!!} it would be a little rough to try more than that at first. Anyways... heres the link to the blog that is doing exactly what we'd like to start... Anyone interested!?!?!?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trying new things...

So we've tried the whole playgroup thing in our area and I just think we're all just a bit to busy... though I would still like to try and find something to get together with all my friends at least one if not twice every two months... I miss hanging out with them... I feel like kids have def changed our friendships... more so that we're all doing things with our kids and families and there sometimes just isn't always that extra time for everyone at the same time, lol!

I've been trying to come up with some things that I can do with Zane and Peyton during the summer. Here are some of the ideas I've come across so far...

*The Zoo {of course! lol!}
*The Beach
*The Aquatic Center {still trying to figure out how I'm going to swing the last two with Peyton, lol}
*MOSH {I REALLY want to take Zane!!!}
*Hands on Childrens Museum {I've heard a lot about this place}
*O2B Kids {this is a new one that I ran across in Fleming Island that looks to have some fun stuff going on... but def still need to do more looking and learning, lol}
*The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

and then any playgrounds and other fun things I can find... What are some of the fun things you have ran across??

Also trying to come up with a list of home activities to do too seeing that we certainly will not be going out and doing things every day of the week, lol!

I am excited to hopefully be having Zane start at Happy Apple Academy in the fall... fingers crossed!! {we've got a little bit to still get him potty trained! ha!} If so then Peyton and I will be having some one on one time 3 days a week for 3 hours :) Def something I was hoping to get with her!

Guess that's enough rambling for now :)

A little update

So this morning was yet another 6:30 morning.. and by 8am I was on the phone with doctor and telling Dean to go ahead and head home {again!} I talked to the nurse and when I told her what all was going on she asked if I had had breakfast yet, told her no, and then she said well don't eat just in case we take her and get her asap. By 9:30 we were headed to the dr... we dropped Zane off about 10 to stay with Aunt Kim just in case. By 11 we were in the dr office in the back on a monitor.. and Peyton HATES that thing! lol! Every time the nurse would find her heartbeat and strap the monitor to my belly she would sink into my stomach and they'd lose her heartbeat till they unhooked the strap. The poor nurse ended up having to sit there the whole time and just hold the monitor so that we could get her on the monitor, haha! The monitor showed LOTS of activity... but it's not enough to take her. After being told that I'm not on strict bed rest but I'm not to be doing anything I don't need to do {aka, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, lol}, home we went... :( 10 days to go!!

We called Kim to give her an update and to let her know we were headed home and she was on the way to the movies with Zane to see Rio, lol! So Aunt Kim and Zane headed to the movies and Dean and I headed home. I laid down once we got home and took a nap, woke up still hurting but feeling a little better. Kim and Zane got home about 5ish and played in his room for a while. Then he heard grandpa crank up the 4-wheeler and outside we went! Grandpa took him for a ride around the property and when they got back we broke out Lighting and Zane drove him around for a little bit. Then after asking SEVERAL times, lol, Grandpa rode his 4-wheeler around with Zane driving Lighting.. he was so tickled that Grandpa was "chasing" him! hehe! We let him play outside till Lighting was completely out of gas and had to be pushed to the shop. Then it was inside for dinner, bath and a little play time before bed.

Movies with Aunt Kim...

Playing with Grandpa...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well.. another wake up call this morning for me at 6:30! lol! We had talked about making it to sunrise service at church which started at 8.. and well I was obviously up for it, but I also had Dean up till at least 3am with me hurting too, so needless to say Dean slept for a bit longer while I got up and starting moving around and making sure everything was ready to go for later that day and ate breakfast. I got Dean up a little after 8:30 so that he could start getting ready and then Zane was up about 8:45. We all got ready and was out the door by 10:15 for church! YAY! Now.. the issue at hand, the last time we were at church it got so hot in there that I got sick and we left only about 20 min into the service.. so I was hoping they'd have that thing cranking this morning and thankfully they did and we make it through the entire service, I was beyond happy!! Zane had fun playing with all his friends he hadn't seen in a while and hunting eggs!

After church we headed back to our house to get the eggs, camera and our change of clothes {since we hadn't taken pics yet} and headed to St Mary's for Easter with Dean's family. We went and ate at Aunt Bee's this year instead of everyone cooking. At first it looked like we'd be waiting a while, but by the time we all got there people had cleared out and we had NO problem getting a table for the 14 of us!! lol! After finishing up lunch we headed back to Aunt Vicki and Uncle Paul's to hunt eggs.. but not before a few family pics! After hunting eggs the kids looked through the loot of candy and then began playing with cars and the parachuting bunnies they had all gotten. Then before we left they all fed the fish {which were no where to be found, lol} We had such a fun Easter. I'm so thankful to get to spend it with family... now if only mine were closer!

The Easter bunny visited!!

A few of our Family Pics...

A few of the Egg Hunt... {we were missing cousin Hannah today... and I some how missed getting a pic of Kate hunting :/}
{Cousins Kate, Zane and Gabe}


He was all tuckered out after today and fell asleep on the way home {about 6pm} and slept till 8:30 the next morning!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coloring Eggs

We were sooo late doing this today! But after the morning at the beach Zane and I crashed for 3 hours when we got home. Then we headed off to Dean's cousin's for some eggs... we were given 3 dozen to be exact!! lol!! Thank you Billy, Joanie and Cody! Zane had fun playing basketball with a football while we were there visiting for a few.. then we headed to wd to grab a few things since I haven't felt like going. We got home about 8pm and started boiling eggs.. mind you this is normally Zane's bed time! After getting them boiled and cooled I got all the colors ready and we started dyeing eggs :) Zane insisted on THROWING them in the cups of color.. but it really was a lot of fun and didn't make quit the mess I thought it would. After they dried a bit we added some stickers and then it was off to bed for Zane. Then mommy finished up with the dyeing and decorating :)