Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Fun

Peyton and I stayed out of the heat today and watched a bugs life...

While Zane and Daddy spend some time in the pool :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Fun

Momma went a little picture crazy tonight!

Peyton trying out Squash for the first time.... only thing so far that she doesn't like is peas {and momma taking pics while she's trying to eat, ha!}

After dinner it was off to Zane's room to play {which is our normal routine}...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a little Wordless


I finally got together with some of the girls so that the kids could have a playdate!!! YAY!! The kids seemed to have SO much fun playing together and I def enjoyed some adult interaction! haha! I think we may have to keep our eyes on Kaylee and Zane.. but it was TOO sweet! Here's just a few pics of our fun! Looking forward to many many more of these!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day Date

Dean and I were lucky enough to escape today and head to Typhoon Lagoon for the afternoon for a day date!! Thank you SO much Granny and Pam for watching Zane and Peyton!! I know Zane had a blast playing all day with Granny because he slept HALF the day on Monday!! ha!! And I'm sure Peyton had fun with Pam.. Hannah however I know wasn't too happy about Peyton, haha!

We got down to Disney a little later than planned but we had been running about 1.5 hours behind from the get go this morning. So our original plan of heading to Epcot to ride soarin' before heading to Typhoon Lagoon didn't exactly happen.. esp since we found out the wait was 75 Minutes!!! yikes!!! So off to Typhoon Lagoon... we had a LOT of fun.. def wish we had a little more time since we didn't get to ride all the slides.. but we'll get there. Excited to take Zane.. he's going to LOVE the little water part for the kids. My favorite part of the day.. the wave pool!!! It sends out a series of HUGE ... I mean HUUUUGE.. waves.. I had so much fun trying to body surf them, haha!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Slip N Slidin'

After getting home from my sunrise session I was determined to try not to crash! I had Dean take off our back door so that I could paint it {it SO needed to be done before Peyton got here.. but well...}. So while Dean was doing that I set up Zane slip n slide. He had a blast with Dean throwing {well sliding} him down it.. then Dean decided to get the rope and use it, ha! Once he was done sliding we drove boats {aka... leaves} down the slip n slide. Then Dean broke out the bubbles!!!! We had so much fun this morning with little man while Peyton was sleeping.


Ahh.. sunrise! I love being able to be up this early, but I hate missing my sleep! ha! But today was for good reason. I had a session with Casey this morning for some fun sunrise swimsuit pics. It's def fun getting to play with photography again, though I can't see it becoming as full time as it was {at least not right now} but I'm having SO much fun taking sessions here and there!

Here are a few peaks from this morning....