Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet Chase!

Today Dean, Zane and I FINALLY made out way out to meet Chase!! He's the new addition to our friends Julie and Erik and he'll be TWO weeks tom!! I can't believe it's taken that long for us to get out there! He's SO precious!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a WEEK!

Monday was a lazy day... I still wasn't feeling that great from being on my feet registering.

Tuesday I woke up about 5:30 sick and Dean was debating work so he decided to stay home and boy was I glad he did! I needed some rest! Zane had a blast playing ALL day with daddy... it was literally full of giggles :)

Wednesday Aunt Kim did me a HUGE favor and watched Zane while I went and took my dreaded sugar test :/ Had a mini panic attack about 15 min before they drew my blood and some how managed to pull it together. After that I headed out for breakfast and then to Target where I found the bike we'd been wanting to get Zane on sale from $89.99 to $22.48!! and you KNOW I bought it!! lol! It's been put together {just to make sure all the parts were there} and is now hidden at grandpa's waiting for Christmas, lol! After picking up Zane I received a call from Dean saying a debt collector called him. We both kinda giggled because we don't owe anyone.. so after calling and speaking with them we found out that it was something that was included in our bankruptcy that had been taken care of over 2 years ago!! WOW! Then I get home and find a message from our banks fraud dept!!! AH! Called them to find out someone in the UK tried charging over $2000 to our acct!!!! Talk about a heart attack!! I'm so beyond glad they caught it and didn't allow it to go through! So after settling all that out we had to make a run to Fernandina so I could get money since now that's pretty much all the access we have to our acct. lol! Little man was cranky as all get out and in need of a nap {and so was mommy} since neither of us are use to getting up as early as we did this morning!

Thursday was pretty uneventful thank goodness after Wed!!

Friday I got the call I was hoping I wouldn't get... I FAILED my sugar test! :( After having a panic attack over the phone with the nurse I refused my 3 hour test because of my phobia of needles and I'm now on a low sugar / low carb diet... I go back to the dr in a little over 2 weeks where we'll discuss me retaking the one hour test. I ended up being sick the rest of the day just thinking about the fact I was going to have to at least re-do the one hour... I seriously am thinking I need to figure out a way to overcome this phobia!

Here's some pics of Daddy and Zane playing before bedtime...

Saturday we had plans to go and see friends and their new addition and well I woke up sick yet again. I must admit I'm ready for the sleepless nights in place of waking up SICK! This is past annoying... only 12.5 weeks to go!!!! After laying down for a bit we headed to the grocery store but not before a stop at the park :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today Granny watched Zane while Dean and I joined our friends Matt and Julia for baby registering and dinner!!!! We're 16 days apart!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Tonight we headed out with the Bare family to the circus! We had 12 seats between all of us, lol! After enjoying the show we were joined by Grandma for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Monday, January 17, 2011

He's Going to be a GREAT Big Brother

So tonight Peyton was kicking it up a notch and was kicking hard enough that you could actually see it... so we were watching. Zane came over and asked to give her a hug and a kiss :) and then said "I love you" He's sooo stinking cute!!! So I had Dean go grab the camera in hopes that we could get a few shots of him hugging or kissing again... and well we got him comparing bellies too!! haha!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Sat Dean let me sleep in... which I have to admit he's spoiling me on! I wanted to take our bikes out and go riding but it was WAY too cold out :( Finally cleaned off all the pics on our computer since it was in the red and warning us that it was going to crash, haha! Dean cleaned both our cars in and out while Zane was down for a nap and then we got ready to head to Shogun for a late bday dinner for me :) Mmmm, the steak and shrimp was SO good!! I was exhausted by the time we got home, but some how ended up staying up way pasted my bed time. I ended up catching a show on TLC called "extreme couponing" I have to admit, I've always wondered how people really managed to really SAVE that much money... and I'm still amazed!!!! It def gave me the motivation to try this whole couponing thing out again and gave me a little better idea of how to go about doing it.. I have to admit, I'm kinda excited!!

here are pics of me from Sat before dinner, 23 weeks, 2 days!

Sunday we skipped church to head out to meet Uncle Jeff for his birthday lunch! We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This past week...

Not too much to report. Saturday I took Zane out to get a hair cut {he was beyond in need of one!} and pick up Peyton's FIRST official dress from Halle's bows.. it's sooo adorable!! I can't wait to put it on her!!!

As all of you know that are on fb, EVERYONE is running contests!! lol! I found out on Sunday that I had won the give-a-way that Faythe was doing... I won a set of jewel tone eyeliners and eyeshadow :) Sunday we also decided to venture out and take Zane to the movies to see Yogi... well after about 30 min his popcorn was out and he was no longer interested... so we ended up getting a refund and walking around the mall a bit {I did get TWO super cute outfits for Peyton from Old Navy though!!}

Monday I ended up going to the dr because of abdominal and back pain that I'd been having for about 4 days that got pretty intense. Was told that it was mainly because of where she was sitting, was given some meds to help with the pain and told once again to get off my feet :/

Tues I decided to try and concentrate on picking Peyton's bedding since I know I will be buying that in the next few weeks. After narrowing down to 11, lol, Dean helped narrow that down to 4 and out of those we agreed on ONE! lol.. so her bedding is official picked! I can't wait to FINALLY start on her room!

Wed I decided to venture out {though I wasn't suppose to be} to find some maternity shirts since NONE of my regular shirts fit any more... that turned into almost an all day affair and I came home with only THREE shirts.. uh! Def paid the price that night though, lol!

Thursday... Won another give-a-way!!! This time it was through Julie Paisley Photography :)) I won a headband from Sew Whimsey, I'm sooo excited!!! Dean FINALLY felt Peyton kick!!! YAY!! She always quits moving when he puts his hand on my belly to feel her... but this time she gave him a little kick :) Dean's response... that wasn't any where like Zane's!! She's def a girl! lol!!

Friday Dean had half a day and an eye exam and Zane and I decided to tag along so that we could just do dinner in town... well about 3 hours later we finally got to eat... Red Lobster!! and you can bet I got the crab legs!! lol!! Zane had a blast because our table sat right beside the fish tank :)

Remember to check out my 365 bare days blog too... it has a picture for each day :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 days...

Ok.. so I'm up for trying this out again, lol!! If you want head over to my 365 Bare Days blog and follow the events of the next year in pics :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah Life....

FINALLY!!! We got some sleep last night!! Well sort of... Zane got up twice, with Dean waking him at 2:00 to give him meds since well... I woke up with the stomach bug and spend time in the bathroom making friends with "John" from about 1:15 till 2. Zane got up this morning at 9:30!!! I was certainly happy for that little bit of extra time. Was still a little queezy this morning but after more meds for me def feeling a lot better!

On another note.. happy that Dean's got his vacation down for Miss Peyton's arrival and for our Disney trip in Dec!! Yes.. I said in Dec! lol!!

And then it's hit me that we have 4 months to get everything done and ready for Peyton!!! Her room is no where near started... I still have to go get a crib mattress since we're using Zane's... order her bedding, paint.. among all the "needs" that we still have to get... you know.. the big items that are way too expensive to expect as shower gifts, lol!

And amongst all that trying to figure out when Dean and I can "get away" for a weekend before Peyton and plan one last Disney trip with just Zane.

Tonights pic is courtesy of Dean... Zane LOVES the drum set he got for Christmas {lol.. I don't think he realized that Dean was taking a pic in the first, but he certainly cheesed it up for the second, haha!}