Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun 4th of July pics

Today we headed out to Fort Clinch to meet up with cousins Kate and Gabe for some 4th of July pics. and well.. the boys didn't want much to do with the camera, ha! We had planned on doing pics then having a picnic before heading to the party n play for some bounce house fun... but we both ran a bit late, pics were a little more difficult... so we decided to just let them play a bit at the fort. Then we treated them to ice cream and then headed home {but not before a stop at Target, hahaa!!}

Sunday, June 26, 2011


That's right.. we're back at DISNEY! After our passes expiring 3 months ago we finally renewed them! I see LOTS of Disney trips in our future again. Our first trip wasn't suppose to be for another 2 weeks.. but we just couldn't take it any more.. so after some rearranging we headed out...

We didn't get down there till about 6ish, but that turned out to be a good thing because we missed all the weather they had earlier. After getting to our hotel and checking in off to Disney we went. The weather def cleared out the park a bit and we didn't have to really wait to ride anything {which is WAY odd for summer}. Even Peter Pan was down to a 30 min wait instead of the normal 45 min! ha! We didn't do too much since we didn't get to the park till almost 8 and they closed at 11.. but we did ride pirates, pooh, dumbo and the race cars.. had dinner and then some ice cream a little later.. before headed back to our room.

Day two started a little before 9am.. with both kids still sleeping, ha! After packing up our room, eating and loading the van back to Magic Kingdom we went. We started with the Jungle Cruise {I keep seeing the Disney commercial with it and just needed to ride it, haha!}. We decided to go ahead and eat some lunch while we were waiting on Aunt Kim and Granny to arrive! :) After finishing lunch and now with everyone there we started on the rides. First up.. Pirates! {after getting fast passes for Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain} and I must admit.. 25 min wait for Pirates was a little upsetting when you're just use to walking straight to the ride and getting on, ha! We then headed back to Thunder Mountain, but they had shut the ride down for some issues... so we headed to the Haunted Mansion to see the new additions they had made to it. Back to Splash and Thunder ... Splash Mountain had a 80 min wait!!! Holy Cow!! I don't remember the last time I seen it that long!!! After Zane asking multiple time to ride the monorail we decided we'd go ahead and ride it to Epcot, ride Nemo, eat dinner and head home since it was getting late. We got home at 1:30am.. but it was SO worth it!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011