Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another weekend down...

This weekend we actually got some stuff accomplished! lol! I started off by getting my hair done Sat morning.. and boy was it NEEDED!! We cleaned out Peyton's room which has become a catch-all-room and got it painted in pretty pink! Still need to go and get her furniture, but I'm waiting till I can use my 20% coupon to save some money! Can't wait to start getting everything and making it pretty!!!! We also took the old-non-working-furnace out of the hall and turned it into a closet... that was a job for Dean and dad... Dad actually ended up taking it out on Friday while Dean was at work and I was running errands.. came home to find a hole in the hallway, lol! So Dean had the job of removing the gas line and getting the vent out of the roof and plugging the hole. Now to just get the paint and get it painted, lol!

Sorry for the bad pics... they're off my cell... I was too tired to go look for my small camera, haha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

28 weeks!

I had another baby appt yesterday. This is the first after failing my sugar test :/ After discussing options about another test the dr decided to go ahead and let me retry my 1 hour since I had changed my eating habits... certainly crossing my fingers that I pass this go around! We talked about my hormones making me stressed, cranky, anxious and just a total mess. I started having lovely braxton hicks contractions while we were down at Disney... YAY!!! I can't believe that it's time to start going every two weeks instead of every four!! 11 weeks to go and I'm telling you... IT CAN"T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!! I have another ultrasound in two weeks to check and see if little Miss Peyton has decided to move up a bit for mommy but I def am having my doubts about that one!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Yep... we went back to Disney!! For the last time for a while I'm afraid. With our passes expiring March 1 and for the fact that Dean had to push me around in a wheelchair all three days I do believe it's safe to say we prob won't be heading back till after Peyton and after the summer heat wave!

We had a total blast though! We headed down Sat morning with Dean's mom and sister and hit up Magic Kingdom, though the lines were SO long that we ended up back at the hotel a little early and ended up just heading to downtown disney for some dinner.

Sunday we were off to Animal Kingdom before Dean's mom headed out and it was nap time. Then back to Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours :))) We rode pretty much everything within the 3 hours we had!

Monday we headed to Epcot for a bit, rode some rides, ate and met the characters before heading home. Def a FUN weekend!

Zane was a total trip this time.. oh, and you know we've hit disney when all you can hear in the car is CHOO CHOO!!! CHOO CHOO BUS!!! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!! hehehe! lol.. he's too funny! {he's been talking about all the rides he wanted to ride for at least a month now!} When we got to Disney the first time he asked to ride pirates first.. then we went to peter pan. he asked about Dumbo and the carousel {and the racecars.. but the lines were SO ridiculously long that we saved them for the second night we were there} The second night we stayed at the Polynesian and we had a room that had the monorail track right outside... needless to say nap time was tough because all he wanted to do was watch for the MONO-RAIL! lol! That night when we went back to Disney the first thing we did was watch the fireworks... after watching them he looked at us and asked "how'd they do that?!?!" it was just too funny!! Then when we got off the race cars he looked at the teacups and asked.. What's that?! I said.. those are the teacups! He looked at me and said.. I ride? I ride the teacups?! I then replied.. you want to ride them!?!? he says "ok!" lol.. so him and daddy rode the teacups, haha! I know there were several other things but this pregnant momma brain just isn't working, ha! He was certainly more verbal about everything this time.. from how he wanted to go to the park via bus, monorail or boat.. to what he wanted to eat and what he wanted to ride! I can't wait to see the difference when we go back in Sept.. esp since we'll have Peyton too....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Sat morning Dean had to work but once he got home {and Zane got up from his nap} we were off to Granny's to drop Zane off so mommy and daddy could go on a date!!! Woo hoo!! Original plans were to go see "The Dilemma" and then Dean wanted to go to this Mexican restaurant off San Jose... What we ended up doing.. lol... Watched "The Roommate" {not that great btw} then we were so full off popcorn we decided to skip the mexican and walked around the mall and then eat. I got Zane some shirts and pants since he has outgrown his 3T stuff... looked at super CUTE stuff for Peyton and ate dinner and had some yogurt before heading to Target! lol! When we got back to Granny's at 10{!!} Zane was still going FULL blast! Aunt Kim bought some fun tents with tunnels that they had set up in the living room that he was having a BLAST in {and even got daddy to crawl through... oh, and no worries.. there are PICS! haha!}

Sunday Zane and I slept till after 10 from our late night. Dean and I had planned on taking him bowling but then decided that we'd save that for another day since it was so nice out. We went and bought him a t-ball set and a golf set... he LOVED them! and of course we had to break out Lighting. Thank you daddy for chasing him around while mom put her feet up for a little while. We then did prob just the opposite of everyone else. We recorded the Super Bowl game.. but only so that we could fast forward through the game and watch the commercials :D

All in all great weekend... Have to admit though.. can't wait till this weekend.. we're headed back to Disney for what will be our last trip till about Sept since we're not renewing our passes just yet. :( Bitter sweet... Super excited though because Zane has been asking us to go back for a little over 2 weeks now, lol!