Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a weekend!! Sat we spent some time around the house before heading out to Mr David's 1st birthday party. Then I had an afternoon session with Miss Olivia while Daddy and Zane spend some time together.

Sunday.... we decided to skip church this morning and spend some much needed family time together... so out in the boat we went!! I had to cut my time a bit short so that I could go meet 2 wonderful Seniors that I'll be photographing soon!

Then back home to get little man ready for his 1st BIG performance at church for VBS!!! :D I was sooo stinkin' excited!!! I have a video from tonight but apparently it's too large to load on here... but if you're on my facebook you can see it there :)

OH!! wait!! After church we went over to Cody and Leslie's to hang out for a bit and Zane had his FIRST ride on a "horsey"!! :D

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


I haven't gotten one single pic this week of Zane as VBS (until tonight and I'll have to see if anyone else did and then steal them, lol) I was so happy to be back in church after not being in a while.

I've heard countless stories about Zane this week, lol! Let's see... He claps during Music time and when they're done gives a big "YAAAYYY" (let me just say.. I can't wait till Sunday night!!!) :D He's been trying to "take care" of little Miss Sidney... He's begging for food by saying "PEEESS" (lol, I PROMISE we feed him!!)... and I've here countless things about his vocabulary (and to clarify.. not that's it's bad but that it's so wide, lol) The other night when our class let out Zane and them I guess weren't in the room yet and he seen Dean, Dean said all he heard was "daddy, daddy, daddy" and here came Zane running down the hallway, lol! I'm just glad that he's being good!!

Here are a few quick pics from him playing in the water tonight at VBS (and just a note.. Dean took these with my little camera, and note to self next time bring out the BIG guns!! LOL)

this one is for those who think he's so sweet and innocent! lol!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woody - Yee Haw

While my car was getting it's oil changed and all that good stuff... Kim and I went and hung out at the Avenue's mall for a while. Zane scored some outfits from Children's Place since they were having a sale and then of course we hit up the Disney store and Aunt Kim got him some new toys!! Buzz and Woody and a plush set of Lightning and Mater.

Here's a quick video while we were still in Kim's car waiting on my car to be pulled around....

Once we got home and Zane discovered (with help from Daddy) that he had a cowboy hat like Woody.. it was on!! lol!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day / Zane's First Movie

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy and Dean!!

I'm sad to not be able to spend some time with my daddy today but he's working nights :( But I love him very much and would not be where I am today without him.

Dean... Can't believe this is already Father's Day #2!!! You're such a GREAT daddy to Zane and I could never ask for more... can't wait for #3 with maybe baby #2 :) hehe!

So today we ended up missing church since we were so tired from yesterday... Zane actually slept till 10:15!! We decided to go see Toy Story 3 today and Aunt Kim and Granny went with us.... Zane was a total trip through the whole movie.. starting with the popcorn! lol! The boy loves some popcorn... and snow caps and twizzlers :D He clapped, shouted YAAAY!! and countless other things through the movie, lol, kept it interesting! At the end he was getting a bit restless so I kept pointing to the screen saying "watch" well once he had his attention back to the screen I turned to Dean to say something and he tapped my arm... pointed to the screen and said "WATCH!" hahaa... I'm telling you... my child is something else!! I'm sooo Happy that he made it through the WHOLE movie!!

Oh... and just a side note... Kim got our passes for the "Twilight Experience" next week!! I"m SOOOO excited!!! :D