Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Totally Tuesday

This morning Zane and I got up at 8... ate breakfast... and got ready to head to the YMCA in Hilliard to go play in the splash park. We ended up getting there around 10:30 and met up with Brittany and Cole who were already swimming in the pool. So after putting little man's swimmy on we jumped in too. After a little bit we decided to head to the splash park. We found this little spout of water that Zane played with. He seemed to really enjoy it so we'll most def try to squeeze this into our weekly activities. I had my camera with me but we too busy with Zane to actually snap pictures... so here are some that I stole from Brittany that she took...

We left about 11:30 and headed home... little man was out by the time we hit the dirt road. lol.. usually when the car stops and he realizes he's getting out he's already trying to help you get him out of his car seat.. not today.. not one movement, lol, poor little guy was exhausted! He actually slept till 2:30 this afternoon.

We were suppose to go to see Heather today, but we've postponed that till they get home. So maybe tom or Thurs we'll be visiting. I can't wait to meet David!!

Once Dean got home tonight.. lol.. he brought home the cow meat that brings the thunderstorms (aka steak).. long story.. but first things first... he decided to weeded... Don't you love the hat??

While waiting on daddy to finish so that he could cook our steaks I was walking around eating peanut butter crackers... lol.. well Zane wanted some so I gave him a little. This is the newest of his faces... when he gets some of our food instead of his this is the face that we get... lol...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday update :)

So not too long after my post... I was off to feed Zane.. little did I know that when I had a spoon full of squash headed for my son's mouth that the power would go out and it would be pitch black in my house!! lol! very very interesting! so after opening the curtains so that I could some what see and putting some little snacks on Zane's tray so that he didn't have a nervous break down about not being fed... I went searching for the flashlight that my husband seems to have used but didn't put back.. then I remembered I had candles in the bathroom and I luckily remembered where I put the matches. So after lighting the candles.. I finally sat down to feed Zane. lol.. I also snapped a few pics and took a couple videos on my phone out of boredom.

Once Dean got home he was going to the back to change while I changed Zane's diaper so that we could go out to eat... when the power magically came back on... now usually when our power goes out.. it's out for a min of 4 hours... and this time.. 1 1/2 hours! woo hoo! So Dean decided to jump in the shower real quick like and then we headed off to Cracker Barrel. It was soo good!!!

Then at 9:30 tonight I got a call from Heather. After asking if she had woke Zane up she told me that she had had David! I couldn't believe it!! lol... I told her I had called her today so that I could stop by and see her because we didn't get a chance to see each other Friday. So now I know where she was, lol! So I'm so excited to get to go see Mr David tom!! Can't wait.. and I'll be posting some pics for sure when I get home tom :)

Night Night Everyone!!

Loving my Life!!

So much that I can't seem to keep up my blog!! lol! Things are totally awesome right now! So I'm going to do a quick update (picture less I might add) and try to stay up to date from here on out (fingers crossed!) lol!

Sunday - June 21
Happy Father's Day!!!

We started out this morning by going to church. Dean got his father's day cards on the way there... because.. well... we were running a tad bit late as usual! After church we headed to Micheal's for lunch with Mrs Bennett. Once we got home... Cody had called Dean about going out on the boat... and well it being Father's Day I told him to go enjoy himself. Once Dean got home we headed to Yulee to go to Target to finish gathering stuff for our new bathroom.... Then off for dinner at Chili's. And the biggest news for Father's Day?!?!?! Zane started crawling!!! I've got some video on my phone... just can't figure out how to get it to my computer so that I can post it, lol! As soon as I do they'll be up!

Monday - Friday of this week seems to have just flown by. I spent a lot of time this week just playing with Zane and watching him crawl. :) He's getting so big! So between playing and keeping to house in somewhat good shape (lol.. there was A LOT of play time this week!) There weren't many pictures or time for anything else. I did go I believe it was Wed and try taking Zane's 7 month pics... but he was so intrigued with the grass that nothing I did caught his attention... So Dean and I tried again on Friday... with no success... so I'm not even going to try again till his 8 month pics! lol! Though we will be taking some 4th of July pics with him this week... and there will be no grass involved so we should be safe :) And Candy and I haven't been able to get together and run this week so I've been trying to keep it up on the treadmill at home... so far so good.

Saturday - June 27
Today was another All Wet Sports contest at Victory Lake. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with these contests. I absolutely love them because we're there with family and friends ... and it's outside ... and we're at the lake.... It's just wonderful. But... I help run the contest the entire day so that leaves almost no play time for me during the day. Zane did GREAT! We brought his pack-n-play, lots of toys, a blanket for him to crawl around on when mommy wasn't busy and lots of juice! He was so great when we had to have him in his pack-n-play.... he never even really made any noise. And then of course he was passed around all day too. He was just great all day long... and with only an hour of sleep lasted till 8:30 that night... with no fits may I add! After the contest we joined the Pedersen's at Cracker Barrel for dinner and then made our way home. Not even after 2 minutes in the car little man was out for the count. Once we got home we decided to just let him go straight to bed and give him a bath in the morning... little man was totally pooped and we weren't about to make him stay up any longer. OH... and no dehydration this time!!! We made sure to drink plenty of fluids... and just when we thought we'd drank enough.. we drank some more, lol!

Sunday - June 28
Well Zane was up at 8:30 this morning.. and well I was suppose to have a session today... as well as tag on a wedding this afternoon and we'll just say that it was a bad day. By the end of the day... I had been served breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed with lots of water.... no not from dehydration either... we'll just say there was a lot of midol taken that day! Not good... not good at all. I a little upset that they are this bad again.. I was told after having a baby that it wouldn't be any where close to bad any more... well Pff! to that! Anyways.. A BIG thanks to Dean for taking care of little man all day... I really need that!

Monday - June 29
Today I finally got over to Chrissy's house to see Lucas! He's getting so big... hard to believe he's 2 1/2 months old! Once we had visited for a while we headed to Jacksonville to see daddy and to run a couple of quick errands before heading home. Dean suppose to be heading to the river after work so it's just me and little man all day. I'll be doing some much needed cleaning during his naps today... kicking it in high gear so that I can get everything done.

Hope everyone has a Great week!! Can't wait for this weekend... we're having a small get-together at our house on Sat for the 4th and then heading downtown for some fireworks.

I'll be uploading pics here and there from the past week... and hopefully some videos :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Full Day...

So this morning we decided to get up early and head to town for some errands. We hit up the post office, the bank and all wet sports. We actually had some fun running errands this morning.. and Zane was in a very good mood. We headed to Olive Garden for lunch and I hit up Micheals for more stuff for Zane's eggs.... I've got to make them start to look like animals... not eggs with eyes.. lol, it's a tad bit freaky! Anyways.. once we finished that up we headed home and ended up taking naps :)

We got ready again and headed back into town around 5:30... Made a quick stop by Dean's mom's and left Zane with his Granny and Aunt Kim while Dean and I headed off to get PEDICURES!!! Our feet were seriously thanking us when we left! We then stopped and grabbed something quick at Taco Bell and made our way over to Home Depot to get everything to completely re-model our bathroom.... we figure we've got 2-3 years before we purchase a new home so we decided to re-do the 30+ year old bathroom we currently have :) It will be a couple of weekends before it gets ripped apart.. but at least we have everything to do it with!

Once we were heading back to Callahan we gave Kim a call... she told us that Granny was sitting in the little rocker (one similar to Zane's) rocking him and watching the Jungle Book... I sooooo wish I had a picture of that!! When we got there Kim met us at the door to tell us that they had both fell asleep on the couch.. it was so sweet!

We had a GREAT fun filled saturday!! Hope everyone's was just as good!

Friday, June 19, 2009


So tonight we went out to dinner with some of our friends... Jamie, Buster and their daughter Hannah... sorry no pics... got to get a pocket camera here soon.. I can't tote this big one everywhere, lol! Anyways.. we went to the Longhorn out by the airport and while mine and Jamie's steaks were great... the guys didn't that good of luck, lol! After spending about an hour and a half talking and eating (and Dean dodging flying forks, lol) we headed home. It was nice to get out with friends.

Here are some pics I snapped before we left while little man was taking his bath... can you believe that he's 7 months today!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


not too much has been going on... as you can see since I have been absent from the blogging world.. but it looks as though things are going to pick back up... and I must say that I'm ready. Seems like the past couple of weeks have been a bit rough and slow on top of that.

I've been planning a little more on Zane's 1st birthday... and yes, it's still 5 months away. I've got the cake covered... games covered (well the ideas.. still got to go and by the stuff for them).. I've actually started on one of the games... it's basically an easter egg hunt... but instead of just ordinary eggs.. we have animals eggs! Well.. at least that's what I'm hoping they will look like when they're done.. just started actually making them tonight.. and well.. the cow just looks sad! lol, I'm hoping he looks more cow like once I add ears. For now they just look like creepy little eggs with eyes! lol!

I also decided to mow the grass for dad tonight once Dean got home.. as part of his Fathers day gift... He's working nights.. so he won't know till he comes home tom.. I love doing things when he's gone.. it makes the element of surprise so much better. Since we're having dinner with friends tom night.. I'll be cleaning his house and making him cookies to leave with his father's day card for sat morning. :)

Other than that.. not too much to really report. Hope everyone is doing great!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Check them out....

Check out my sneaks from my adult beach session from Sat morning... barefoot-image.blogspot.com

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


ok... we're getting smoked!!!! Dean has 27 votes and the #1 dad on there has 66!!! Come on guys... you know how GREAT of a dad Dean is to Zane... GO VOTE FOR HIM... we have enough FRIENDS that he should be WINNING!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Full Warning... lol, I'm venting over being fat!!

I'm totally over being overweight!! Granted.. I'm the same weight after pregnancy as before, but I don't see how! I feel sooo much bigger!! I think things must have just shifted on me.. that's all I can come up with! I was told before I got pregnant that I need to lose at least 20 pounds to get me out of the overweight bracket... well I'm setting a goal of 50 pounds! I'm not setting a date... just a goal.. and I WILL get there!

I keep hearing people tell me that it's ok because I just had a baby... YEAH... 7 MONTHS AGO!! Really?!?! That excuse just doesn't apply any longer... I will no longer feed myself that lie! Not to mention I really never was able to use that excuse anyways... I only gained a whopping 14 pounds! This coming after a totally mental breakdown Sat night after trying to figure out what I was going to wear to church. All these dresses fit before I got pregnant! and how is it that I'm the same weight and they DO NOT fit! I'm telling you things must have shifted! I still have a baby belly (that wasn't there before) and well.. BOOBS! lol... that were only half there before.

Dean does have me convinced of one thing though... our dryer is completely shrinking the heck out of our clothes... I mean within about 3-4 washes and drys Dean's t-shirts are 3 in too short (lol.. it's kinda funny!) and well then there is Zane's bibs... we have some with the plastic on the back... you know so that the drool doesn't soak them too! anyways... it's MELTING the plastic on the back! Completely ridiculous! So a new dryer in on the agenda.

SO... here's my thing... at the beginning of the year I said that I was going to be healthy because I wanted Zane to be healthy... not me telling me that he needed to eat carrots while I wolf down some doughnuts! But us both eating carrots kind of healthy, lol! I refuse to tell my son to do something that I'm not doing myself. I don't want him to have to think about it.. I want it to come natural from watching Dean and I.

What am I doing about it? I told myself more than 4 weeks ago that I was going to start running and training for a 5k with my best friend Candy. Well the first week went pretty decent.. we ran.. well I ran 2 of the 3 days. The next week Dean was on vacation.. and well the following week we were sick and it was raining. With the whole breakdown Sat night... I started running... on the treadmill... I'm going to run every night as well as try to do the 3 mornings with Candy and my workouts 2-3 times a week. I'm over being overweight... I'm tired of making excuses... and I'm sick of putting it off. The only person that can make myself do it is ME!

So... IT"S ON!!!! I'm taking a before picture and just like with my pregnancy I'm going to continue to take pics so I can see the changes and keep pushing myself. I'm so ready to see some changes! Candy and I have already put together a race schedule for this fall and I'm so psyched about it! I can't wait to run and finish my first 5k!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Voting starts today for CW17's Ultimate Father's Day giveaway... Please click the link below and vote for Dean!!! You can vote once a day till the contest is over!! Please help Dean win!!! lol!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

A wet day (2 hours) at the zoo

lol.. so we had the BRIGHT idea this afternoon to go to the zoo (it actually looked pretty) and well... what was the end result... SOAKING WET!!! we got caught in a down pour, lol!

Zane thought is was hilarious.. notice he is the only one dry...

and this is his WILD hair when we got home, lol!

OH... and this one is from last night...

Bailey had doggy ice cream treats that we give her from time to time (she doesn't eat the whole thing at one time)... anyways... Dean put it down for her and put her toy next to it to make it look like it was eating it to make her want it more, lol! When I first walked in I wondered if she had put it there (she does things like that) and then Dean told me the story behind it... Thought it was pretty funny though :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Catching Back Up...

2 weeks behind AGAIN! So here's my extra long post as to what has been going on in our world... and there are so many pictures that I'm not even going to bother... it would take me another 2 weeks to load them all! lol! we'll start with Memorial Weekend...

So we usually go down to the lake for Memorial weekend but decided to head to Tampa to spend the weekend with friends.

We left Sat late morning and got there that afternoon... and when we got there we headed straight for the lake! That night The Pedersen's fixed Steak and Potatoes for dinner... it was mmm mmm good!!

Sun morning Brett made us the most delicious chocolate chip pancakes! Then Dean and Morgan played on the trampoline for a little bit before we headed off to the lake again. That afternoon we decided to hit up the cable park. Our short drive there however turned into a 2 hours stand still because of an accident on the highway... they drive backwards down their on ramps down there! lol! This was Dean first ever trip to the cables! The man has been wakeboarding for 8 years and has yet to ride them! After a few laps he decided to try out the sliders. Morgan was a pro at the cables and it was fun to watch him give Dean pointers, seeing there age difference. After the guys rode for 2 hours we headed back to the Pedersen's home for dinner (ribs, chicken, beans and potato salad!!!) and a dip in the hot tub!

Monday morning we got up to eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast! We hit the lake that they live right across from today. It was so pretty! We met up with some of the local guys that they know out there and some of them rode with us and others got in to give some pointers. Zane road again today with Dean on the wakeboard... he didn't fall asleep this time and seemed to really enjoy it. Dean said he was checking everything out and would look at him and grin :) Once they got back into the water he was playing away! I love that little boy! Every time we stopped he was in the water playing... he LOVED it! After all day in the lake we headed back home to shower up and get ready to go out to dinner... we ate a Mongolian grill place and it was AWESOME! Once we got back from dinner we decided to go ahead and get the car packed so that it was one less thing to do in the morning... after all they were all back to work and school.

Tuesday morning we got up, packed our last few things and said our good-byes. We had planned on heading straight home (seeing that we were sun burnt from the day before) but decided to head into Tampa to go to the Aquarium and also decided to take the long way home around the east coast. Dean missed the exit for Daytona because I had fell asleep because I wasn't feeling well (we planned on taking the beach route home) and we ended up getting off on the New Smyrna Beach exit.... and stopping at DQ for some ice cream! Somewhere around Flagler beach the weather caught up with us. We ended up getting home about 9pm, but had a total blast taking our time (it is vacation right?!?)

The rest of the week Dean and I just spend some family time together. It was nice to have that break.

Today was our first All Wet Wakeboard Contest of the year. Dean and I run these contest and look forward to them each year... though about half way I'm about over it and ready to head home. There was a GREAT turnout! and Red Bull was AWESOME!! We had about 41 riders. Zane did GREAT! and I actually found some time to go swimming in the lake with him!

Dean and I both woke up with dehydration this morning! We starting talking a little bit and we both realized we had only had about one water a piece (which for the record is NOT normal for our contests... I try to make sure we're drinking a bottle and hour to avoid days like today!) So around 7 I headed into Folkston to get us some Gatorade and crackers with Dean was at home getting sick... mine came later.... I gave Kim a call with no answer and left a message pretty much begging her to come out. Around 9 Zane woke up and I tried Kim again.. .no answer... and about 5 min later she called me back to tell me she would be out shortly. I got up, fed Zane and tried to entertain him but ended up getting sick and having to put him in his crib to play till Kim got there. Kim stayed for a little while with Zane and in the mean time Dean and I tried to sleep off our sickies. Dean took the afternoon shift after Kim left... he seemed to be feeling a bit better as I was getting worse.

Dean headed back to work while I was still sick at home.. and then at lunch had the nerve to tell me that he could have used his last floating vaca day on today! Not what I wanted to hear since he wasn't home!

Today I had a wedding to shoot!! Thank you Candy!! Well for 2 things... for telling Lexie about me and watching my little terror! I was just happy that I was feeling good enough to roll around on the ground to get dirty for some shots, lol!

(6/3 - 6/4)
Dean decided to use his vaca day and split it onto two days. We had planned on heading the river both days and well... it rained!! So we ended up going to dinner Wed night and getting some movies to watch)

Today was errand day... There was so much crap to do it was unbelieveable... I thought that I would never finish! Then on my way home I got a call from Candy to help her out with some dress shopping... and how could I say no!! lol.. we had a blast! and she got a great dress!! (that I'm going to be borrowing when I loose some weight!)

We were suppose to be going to Orlando tom for another wakeboard contest and for Dean to ride the cables and well... sometime while we were in Tampa he broke his board and bindings! So we're still waiting on them to get here... we were hoping that they would both come in today... but it looks like it will be next week. So we're crossing our fingers that the weather holds out so that we can at least enjoy the river some this weekend!

That's about all that's been going on here... I've got lots of blogs to start trying to catch up on... hope everyone is doing well!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Sneak Peak...

OK... go check out my photography blog for the sneak to the wedding I shot today... and opinions PLEASE!!! I'm a newbie at weddings! lol!