Thursday, March 31, 2011

34 weeks!

Only 5 left!! YAY! So lets see... today is the first day that I've really ate anything besides bread and crackers since being sick on Monday and it was only some Mac.. and was at like 11 at night, lol! Thank you Dean for the second wd run of the night and bringing home 4 boxes since I was eating something else, lol!! I'm not sure how much weight I lost with being sick but I'm sure I've gained some of it back, though I'm at this point now 6 lbs below my pre-pregnancy (3 lbs less than last week! wow was I sick!!) I do believe that Peyton is or has started to drop. and OUCH! I never went through this with Zane and I'm certainly glad that I didn't! lol!

Here's just a quick pic off my phone...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

He was so worn out that he fell asleep on the way home WHILE he was eating, lol!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little closer....

It was certainly an interesting weekend at our house. I started having contractions Thursday night about every 3-5 min for about 2 hours and then they faded... though they would return every few hours and stay for a while. Dean stayed home since I was hurting and hadn't got much rest.

Sat I was feeling better but still having contractions. Dean was doing a tile job so it was just Zane and I home. We were suppose to go to Miss Hannah's bday party but with me having contractions {though only Braxton Hicks} I thought it would be best to stay off my feet instead of making things worse or something happen while I was driving.. who knows! Dean didn't get home till late.. Zane was already in bed.. and I was pooped...

Sunday we all slept in till about 10:30!! So needless to say we missed church yet again. Dean's mom watched Zane while he finished up the tile job next door and I took some time to do absolutely NOTHING, though all I thought about the whole time was cleaning, lol! Dean called me when he was about done and I got ready and got us some dinner and headed to his moms house. Zane and Granny were having fun playing in the yard with his wagon. Dean finished up the tile, we hung around with everyone, ate dinner and headed home.

{Playing with Granny before heading home}

I've had really really bad indigestion with this pregnancy.. but never to the point that it's made me sick.. till about midnight Sunday. I had told Dean right after we had gotten home that I wasn't feeling good. I didn't think anything about taking Zantac because I thought I was out so I just started eating tums, lol! Well by about 11:30 Dean discovered that I did have some which I took... and it did me NO good :( By midnight I started my friendship with John. I swear I have thrown up more this pregnancy than in my entire life! Needless to say from midnight to about 6:30 I didn't sleep and neither did Dean. Dean ended up staying home again since I was still sick about the time he would be leaving for work. I can't explain how grateful I am to have Dean.. no matter what he's ALWAYS there for Zane and I... I know that it's rare to find someone like that these days.. he ALWAYS puts us FIRST and doesn't think twice about it.

By Monday night I was feeling a little bit better though my nausea was still on and off... but I got a FULL night sleep... no Zane waking up in the middle of the night because he wanted his blanket or lost his choo choo.. no in the middle of the night potty breaks.. a FULL night sleep!!

I got up this morning feeling pretty good, though nausea has been present through out today too. Took Zane for a hair cut from Miss Abbi.. Then we headed to Jacksonville for lunch with daddy and to finish up some shopping for our pics on Thurs... though I was pretty sure we'd end up having to re-sch for weather {which we just did, lol}. Which I have to admit though I'm completely bummed about I'm kinda happy about because it gives just a little more time to make sure I find the color shirt for Dean that I want, lol... because apparently the one I got today looks like poo. Gotta love it, lol!

{eating crackers, waiting on daddy for lunch}

Guess that about catches everything up for now... sorry for another long post.. Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

33 Weeks!

6 to go!!! YAY!! I've gained a pound since my visit last week... still puts me 2 below my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm measuring exactly 33 weeks... which is I guess kind of comforting seeing that the pic we took yesterday made me look like a whale! Everything is great! Zane actually asked to see and hold Peyton today.. that was a first! and when the dr did the heart beat I asked what that was and he quietly said "Peyton" with a huge grin on his face :) Still having the Braxton Hicks contractions. Next appt is in two weeks!

Here's the pic from yesterday... 32 weeks, 6 days...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dino Fun!

Dean decided to take half a day today to assist me with Zane at the zoo, lol! He LOVED the Dinosaurs!! and of course the rest of the animals, feeding the giraffes, riding the carousel and the train. It was def a nice day for it too, nice warm and breezy!!

Oh!! and the craziest thing!! We saw pelicans trying to eat turtles!!! lol, Zane kept saying "Crazy Birds!!"

Then as though that wasn't enough to wear him out he and Dean went outside when we got home to fly his kite :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Ok... So first off.. I felt Peyton with the hiccups for the first time Wed {3-16-11} night... and so did Dean :)

and can I just say... I'm SO ashamed at my lack of picture taking lately and especially this week! :/ My Aunt Judy and Uncle Glenn came in on Thursday from Virginia and I'm so upset that I didn't get a picture of them and Zane together!! We went shopping Thursday when they got here for Miss Peyton since dad and Dean were working... had lunch and then headed home. Zane had a great time running around in the yard playing while we talked and waited for everyone to get home so that we could head out for dinner.

Friday didn't start off so well at our house. I had started having what I thought was Braxton Hicks contractions Thurs night and just paid no mind to them and tried to get some sleep. I woke up in lots of pain this morning plus one other complication and decided to call the dr.. in which lead to me heading to the dr. Thankfully dad was off so he spent the morning with my Aunt and Uncle. Once at the dr I found out the my eating for the last week had me gain a total of 4 lbs!! OUCH!! still puts me 2 lbs under my pre-pregnancy but good grief I didn't plan on catching it like that! Anyways.. after meeting with the dr and being put on the monitor for a bit it was determined that I was in fact having real contractions along with some Braxton Hicks :( and then was ofcourse told that I was to be on bed rest so that I didn't set myself into full on labor seeing that I'm only 32 weeks. Once Zane and I got home we went over to dads to spend the rest of the day with my Aunt and Uncle.

Saturday was full of fun... Dean and Zane spent ALL day outside playing since it was SO nice! My Aunt, Uncle and I headed to Hilliard to get some stuff for lunch and dinner and so that I could get Zane a pool to play in. Once home and Zane seen the pool all he wanted to do was swim... which he did for a while till mommy called for nap time. The first words out of his mouth after nap time was that he wanted to go swimming.. so him and Dean went round two in the pool! My Aunt and I cooked dinner {well she cooked dinner, I made the cheesy garlic bread, lol} while the guys were outside by the pool. By 7:30 that night Zane was actually asking to go home and go to bed which is SO unusual for him to do it that early but he'd been playing hard so we didn't think anything about it. I laid him down and went back to dads. About 45 min later I heard him cry on the monitor so I headed back to our house to find that he had thrown up all in his bed and his floor :( He's NEVER been sick like that. I immediately called through the monitor that I needed Dean now.... and I'm telling you it wasn't 30 seconds and Dean was standing in Zane's room, lol! We got him all cleaned up, his room all cleaned up, laundry going and had him in our bed watching cartoons. Dean decided to go ahead and head to wd to get some crackers, Gatorade and some meds just in case. We were doing good for about an hour, he was actually about ready to fall asleep, when he started throwing up again{9:10}. I felt so bad for him, though he was a trooper! Got that messed cleaned up a little bit before Dean got home and went ahead and called the ped to see if there was anything that we could give him for nausea.. or anything specific we could do or needed to watch for.. we'd never had him throwing up before. Well before they could even call us back we figured out he could take Emmitrol so we went ahead and gave him so of that in hopes to stop the vomiting. The ped called, Dean talked to her, she basically said we were doing everything right.. she thought the same thing that we did... he just over did it outside and was prob dehydrated, she didn't think it was a bug but told us what to watch for if it was. That was def reassuring and made us both feel better. He ended up getting sick about an hour later but was no where near as bad as the second {10:30}. He ended up falling asleep a little later about 11:15 and slept till about 12 when he woke up and asked for a drink and then asked to go to bed in his room, which he was told no to since I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to get sick again. We gave him another dose of emmitrol since he had threw alot of it up the last time and he seemed to be getting his stomach back. He went back to sleep but woke up about every 30 min asking for a sip of his drink. At 3am he woke up, asked for a sip of drink, asked for his choo choos, a shirt {lol}, and then asked to go to his room... by this time it had been a while since he'd been sick so we decided to let him go back to his room for the night. He slept till about 6:30 and then whined a little and went back to sleep till about 9.

Sunday morning my Aunt and Uncle were leaving early so since Zane was up at 6:30 and I didn't really get to say by the night before I headed over to dads once I got Zane settled so that I could say good bye. I can't believe the last 3 days went so quickly with them and I was sad to see them leave. It was def a low key day at the house. Dean and Zane got up at 9 and Dean let me sleep in since I was up and down with Zane while he slept on the couch the night before, lol. Zane ate lots of crackers and drank LOTS of Gatorade, never asking for anything else till around lunch and he wanted an orange. He ended up with two naps... the second one def being better than the first because he woke up wanting to go play outside and eat. Def not how we seen our Sunday going but we're certainly happy that Zane is feeling better!!

Zane playing in the pool Sat...

Right before getting sick the second time... thought he was about to dose off and got a nice surprise a few minutes later :(

Laying on the couch with Daddy Sunday morning...

Sunday night before bed time....

He was pretty much back to his spunky self :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And we have...

something to take Peyton home in!!! lol!! I went and got Miss Peyton's car seat today courtesy of Grandpa and my 20% off coupon :)

Here's Zane breaking it in for her, lol!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend consisted of LOTS of home improvement!

Friday Dean was gone most of the day for jury duty and then spent pretty much the rest of the day playing with Zane... with the exception of laying the subfloor in the bathroom and building the shelving for the hall closet.

Saturday... LOTS of tile work today... Dean got the floor layed and the shower pulled apart. I painted a little on Peyton's walls to bring some color to one side of her room... can't wait to get everything and finish it all up, lol! We ended up being one tile short for the floor and needed to run in and ended up doing dinner with my dad and Mrs Bennett at Texas Roadhouse... and boy was it good! I ate WAY too much! After dinner we headed to home depot to get the tile we needed and ended up leaving with paint for outside too, lol!

Sunday... we had such a late night that Zane and I ended up sleeping in and we ended up missing church {not to mention we forgot about turning our clocks ahead! oops!} Dean tiled and grouted the shower.. finished the floor and we got the hall closet finished up too... SO much got done this weekend...

Here's a pic of the painting on Peyton's wall... it matches her bedding :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


31 weeks!!! Woo hoo!! 8 weeks to go... EXACTLY! I found out today that Miss Peyton will be making her arrival a little after 7:30am on May 5! :) I'm one happy momma right now! The whole sugar deal is behind me... problem solved with the dr... I'm still 6 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight and just can't wait for these 8 weeks to fly by! We have the bathroom project to do this weekend, along with a little more painting going on in Peyton's room and shelves in the hall closet. Then family visiting next week, followed by Miss Hannah's first bday party and a session of a friends little one the next weekend. My maternity pics and shower... then two bday parties two weekends in a row, Easter then Miss Peyton! I think the 8 weeks should go pretty fast, lol, how about you!?!?!

Oh... and this is my desert for tonight since I no longer have to stress over my sugar! {and no.. I didn't eat all of it.. Dean and Zane helped! lol!}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy day

Today was def a lazy day... no chores, no nothing.. including cooking lunch or dinner! lol! Just hung out and played with little man ALL day!!! :) These are the days I know I'll miss when Peyton gets here... I don't have to share time now...

Monday, March 7, 2011

No more stitches!!

Went to the dr this afternoon and got little man's stitches out!! His eye is looking REALLY good!! His chin is def still on the healing side though :/ Dr said he would have just butterflied that one together too, so that made me feel a little better. I'm so thankful that Aunt Kim was there to hold him because just from the screaming and crying I heard out of the room I was about to loose it, poor little guy!

After torchering him we took him to go see Gnomeo and Juliet. SUPER cute movie though Zane fell asleep before it ended, lol!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today we made plans to go see Rango with Aunt Kim, Granny, Aunt Deanna, Uncle Lane and Hannah while daddy stayed home and got started on the bathroom floor. It was a cute movie, from what we saw anyways, we ended up leaving because of a restless little boy in need of a nap who wanted to just run around and play musical chairs, lol!

Here he is eating twizzlers waiting for the movie to start....

30 weeks, 3 days

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home Improvement

Well along with tax returns of course comes time for those home improvement projects :) This morning we started off by getting our new washer and dryer!! umm.. YAY!!! lol.. they're SO quiet that we keep checking to see if they're running, ha!

Then after getting them unloaded we dropped Zane off with Aunt Kim and headed to Harbor Freight for boat stuff, floor and decor for shower tile and then home depot for our floor tile. Now for it all to get done! lol!

When we got back to Aunt Kim's they were outside running up and down the hill in the back... this is after chasing airplanes, playing soccer and drawing on the side walk. Needless to say he didn't want to come home with us and actually asked if he could stay with Aunt Kim :) He's so sweet!

Here's a pic of Zane talking to Aunt Kim on our way to drop him off....

Friday, March 4, 2011

30 weeks!

I was 30 weeks yesterday {3-3-11)... but had my appt today.. and boy was it a doozie! I just need a little break please!

First I had an ultrasound of Miss Peyton... found out I no longer have a low lying placenta {which is what we were hoping for} and that she's already head down... not like her brother who stayed breech! lol! She's got LOTS of hair and they're estimating she's about 4 lbs.

Then off to see the dr. Found out I once again failed the one hour sugar test :( NOT HAPPY! I did all the research to figure out a diabetic diet.. followed it and failed worse this time {163} than I did the first time {153} when I was eating TONS of sugar!! Talk about frustrating! So then I was like ok... on to the agreement we made that I would just stick myself at home and test my sugar along with the diet they gave me. Well apparently my dr forgot about that whole conversation and agreement which in turn made me even more upset. She started pushing the 3 hour test again and I still refused {I can't begin to explain how terrified I am, really} She just wasn't listening to me and what I was trying to talk to her about which was getting me more upset... someone tell me... which is worse... my failing sugar test that technically isn't failing or stressing me out!?!?! Any ways... after going back and forth, her leaving the room for about 5 min and then coming back in to still say that I needed the 3 hour and she thought I would pass it because I wasn't really failing the one hour... to give me a script to get a kit so that I could do my sugar at home {oh, and give me orders to do the 3 hour in case I changed my mind... yeah right!!}

I was upset a good two hours after that appt... and swore that I would be changing drs.

After my appt I headed over to babies r us to get Peyton's crib and then to target to grab a couple of things too before heading home to have Dean help me put everything together :)

A profile pic of Miss Peyton from today...

Here are some pics off my cell of her crib and bedding...{promise better ones are coming}

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Woo Hoo!! Today Zane and I went out and did some clothes shopping for him and his sister :) I was def hurting after walking around the Avenues mall but it was certainly nice to be out of the house! And I used coupons for every where I bought stuff!! Yay me!!

Oh.. and super funny... while in Dilliards checking out some shirts and shorts for Dean there was this pic of Kelly Slater... well Zane just starts yelling and repeating... "there's daddy!!!!!" I could have just died laughing :) Love that boy!

I think I may have wore him out today too! Or maybe it's just been the events of the last couple of days, lol!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


What a week we've had! Goodness!!!

So let's see... Tues (2-22)... I started to have some anxiety about my blood drawl the following morning so I decided to take one of the pills the dr gave me... after all.. that's what they were for! I have NOTHING but night terrors ALL night about needles :/ Needless to say I didn't go the next morning for my sugar test!

Wed (2-23)... We already had made plans with Aunt Kim and Grandma to do lunch after my sugar test... so after sleeping in a bit we got up and got ready to go eat some yummy Cracker Barrel.. though this momma just had a salad since I still had to do my sugar test! We then went and played at Grandma's a little bit before heading home :)

Thurs (2-24)... I decided to suck it up and just do my sugar test this morning with Zane in tow. I took another anxiety pill about 20 min before we got there. I was actually doing great until about 20 min before my stick time and then panic set in :/ Got through the stick and then got light headed and woozy feeling. Got my stomach back and we were on our way.. or so I thought! Drove to the gas station {that wasn't even out of the parking lot!} and got so light headed and dizzy that I had to stop pumping gas and sit by the tire of my car... Got my stomach and head back, BARELY finished up, got back in the car just to move to a parking spot where I starting puking all my wonderful orange drink back... about blacked out... and ended up sitting in the parking lot with the a/c on full blast, my seat laid back and poor Zane asking "Momma, are you ok?" We sat there a good 15 min and then we started on our way home. Didn't make it too far down the road and got dizzy again having to pull off the side of the road and lay down yet again.... after about 3 times of this and not even making it half way to Callahan I decided that home just wasn't going to happen and changed plans to just make it to Dean's moms. Once I got there {after SEVERAL pull overs} I called Dean at work and told him that I needed him to come get Zane and I because I still felt like I was going to black out at any given moment. Dean got there and we headed home where I pretty much spent the remaining day in bed.

Fri (2-25) Dean had to miss work yet again today because I was up till about 6am sick :/

Sat and Sun consisted of Dean doing LOTS of yard work and Zane assisting, lol! I drove around on the EZ-Go picking up leaves while taking many inside breaks.

Mon was for the most part completely un-eventful thank goodness... and I was FINALLY starting to feel better.

Tues(3-1).. WOW at Tues! We made our first ER trip with Zane. While getting ready for nap time Zane was in the living room goofing around as usual {in his socks} and slipped and fell hitting his head on his table... Gashing above his eye open :/ I didn't think it looked to bad at first... then it started swelling... and opening up. I immediately started to panic! I called my dad to have him come over and look at it and see what he thought. He agreed it was def an er visit and more than likely stitches :( So while dad watched Zane... who was happily playing by this point, lol.. I started getting ready and called Dean yet again at work to let him know I would be taking Zane to the ER. He immediately left work to meet us and go too. We sat in the ER for about 2 hours before being called back to a room... sat another hour before seeing a dr... and then yet another hour waiting for the dr to come back and do the stitches! Zane was quite the trooper to say the least! I certainly cried more than he did, lol! When they came in to do the stitches I had to leave the room... Dean stayed with him and held him and talked to him.... He cried and screamed for MOMMMA!! when they numbed him and I heard little whimpers here and there.. Dean said that when they went to start stitching he said "hear that?!?! Airplane!!" lol.. it was the exhaust fan above him. He then proceeded to tell the dr and nurse about Disney and the rides he liked, what he wanted for dinner and "I'm tough!" That's my big boy! :) Two stitches later we finally left the er and headed home. We y got home and got him to bed about 11 and he went STRAIGHT to sleep!

On the way to the er....

Waiting for stitches...

Just got home...

Wed (3-2)... I decided that after the events of yesterday that we wouldn't be leaving the house! lol! Well... once Dean was home we decided to go ahead and go grocery shopping... Zane wanted to walk and push the cart.. we decided to let him and we where doing GREAT till we got near the bakery where he knows he gets a cookie. We were getting stuff and he was helping us put it in the cart and then we started to head down the aisle... mind you he was away from the cart.. he started to run {for the cookie} and tripped over his own little feet just for his chin to meet the cart... Busting his chin open! AHHH!! Another panic moment! Dean grabbed him, looked at it and just shook his head, I then looked at it... same size gash that was above his eye!!! Really!?!? After discussing what to do we decided to just butterfly it back together since it wasn't swelling and opening up... finished up grabbing a few other things and then headed home... but not before stopping by the fire station to see what they thought... the guy there said stitches so that it wouldn't scar. :/ We then proceeded home, I mean we had to unload the car first, and decided to stop by a friends home who is also a emt. He looked at it... agreed that if we didn't want a scar we might want to go to the er... looked like about 2 stitches :/ BUT that he was with us that if it was his kid and the way the cut was that he would just butterfly it too, lol! So we went ahead home and Dean unloaded everything while Zane and I went over to dad's. Dean and dad ended up putting it all back together with screaming of course on Zane's part... poor baby... I don't think he would have done so well with a second night in a row of stitches... I know I couldn't!

This was Wed morning... it didn't look nearly as bad as I thought it might...

Needless to say... if this pattern continues I don't believe Peyton will make it till May!! I think we're going to have to invest in a bubble for this kid!!!