Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Good bye

Ah.. this day has finally came. And though I thought I had prepared myself it couldn't have been harder. We brought Dean to the airport this morning so that he could head off to boot camp. I haven't stopped crying all day. This is already harder than I anticipated so I'm not looking forward to the next 8.5 weeks. We came home and Peyton took a nap while Zane went swimming in hopes that time would pass quickly. We ended up going out to Granny's tonight to help pass some time as well... which is actually when I got a call from Dean saying that he had made it to San Antonio and that it would be the last call I got from him till he arrived on base and did their arrival call to us. I got that call about 10:30pm and OUCH! did that hurt. I was completely scripted and I we weren't allowed to talk. Now the waiting game of one call a week for 15 min begins. I just pray this goes quickly for all of us.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


So Dean thought that today was guys day out in the boat and that this afternoon we would be going out to dinner and a movie. Well.. turns out that he had a surprise party waiting on him when they got out of the boat instead. HA! I still can't believe I managed to pull it off and that he was REALLY surprised!!! I didn't take any pics at the party because I decided to just enjoy our time with everyone... but here is a pic of his cake!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


This weekend Dean and I made an adult escape to the Bahamas for some "just us" time before he leaves next week. Still doesn't seem real that him leaving is so close. I'm just ready for this whole boot camp thing to just be over and it hasn't even began.

We left on Friday night after Dean got off work and landed in the Bahamas late that night. Sat we had a FULL day of fun!! We toured our resort and checked out everything, swam with the dolphins, snorkeled the ruins, swam in the ocean, played on the not so lazy river, we had an absolute blast! Sunday our plane didn't leave till that afternoon so we had planned to do a little more of the watermark area, however, mother nature had other plans and we didn't get to do much at all since it pretty much stormed all day there. This was a most needed trip just sad that it went by so quickly!

our resort....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick Disney Trip

of course we had to fit in a Disney trip before Dean left!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lake Weekend

We got to spend this weekend at Lake Kerr. This is actually Zane and Peyton's first trip {And Bailey's too}!! We so much fun though everyone didn't show. Our plans for Saturday didn't quite work out as planned. We had planned to go to Silver River after breakfast so that we could take the boat into the springs. BUT with all the rain we've had and all the flooding it's actually made the water like sweet tea and you can't see the logs under the water... SOOOO we decided to just go to the lake and take Zane fishing for the first time.... and it POURED! Off to the campsite we headed for lunch. After the weather cleared we decided to go out for an afternoon cruise and to try out fishing again. We spent the remainder of the night by a camp fire roasting marshmallows.

Sunday was a FULL day at the lake filled with wake boarding, tubing and fishing. I still can't believe Dean let us fish out of his boat, though we never did catch anything! Funny what having kids means you'll do! Once everyone was pretty pooped we decided to load up and head home! We had a awesome weekend, so sad that we won't be able to fit in another trip before Dean leaves for BOOT CAMP!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

So this morning the plan was to get up and go to the parade in St Mary's and hang out up there a little while before heading home to swim. Instead we slept in and then ran to town to get flooring for the addition that Dean should be laying next week!! Then we came home and swam with Aunt Kim and Granny while daddy starting on the backsplash in the kitchen. {Kitchen is looking so pretty by the way and I can't wait to share once it's complete!} We headed up to Hilliard a little before dark to watch fireworks and had a blast! Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swim Lesson

Zane had his first swim lesson today and he did GREAT! By the time coach left we had him sticking his head in the water and were still trying to correct his body in the water. By the time his daddy got home that night he was swimming almost half the length of the pool underwater!!!!