Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Boy Bed

So I made the decision to go ahead and move Zane into a big boy bed. Truth be told I want to re-do his room and in order for me to do it this was the first step, lol! He was perfectly happy in his crib and we had an awesome routine.. which actually scared me to move him to a new bed... 1st nap time was something else! I fought with him for about an hour before I gave in on nap time... then a few hours later when I knew he was prob too tired to fight me I tried again... after about maybe 20 min of fighting him to stay in his bed and go to sleep he pasted out :) Granted I had to leave the door open when we usually shut it.. but I was just excited he feel asleep I could careless and just tip-toed around for about 2 hours, lol. Plus it allowed me to check on him to make sure he wasn't going to roll out of the bed! That night wasn't as bad as I thought it might be... took us about 30 min but then he passed out and I didn't hear him till morning :) Hard to believe he's growing up so quickly :*)

8-29-10 Update... Proud to say that Zane is still in his normal routine of going to bed without any fights :) we walk in, he cribs into bed, I tuck him in, tell him I love him give him a kiss and tell him night night and then he's out till morning!!! :D YAY!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm really starting to love these low key weekends!! We had plans to go back to Disney with Dean and after re-arranging some things that ended up falling through... so a weekend at home it was. Saturday was spend pretty much sleeping and family time. Sunday consisted of more sleeping and then we decided to ride out to Little Talbot with our bikes. I seen some pics on our cousins' page and it just looked SO pretty! But let me tell you... we did the supposed 4 mile ride {yeah right!} and 2 of those being on an "off road" trail... let's just say we got our butts handed to us! So long story short the bike ride that should have taken oh maybe 30 min turned into a 3 hour ordeal! {well with a little swim break in between} But we did see a TON of star fish!!!!!

Then off to the movies I went with Kim!! YAY!!! We ended up seeing not one but two movies :) "Eat, Pray, Love" and "The Switch" Both pretty good movies :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peter Pan

Guess who's Halloween costume came in today?!!?!?!

8-25-10 update... I have now unfortunately found one I now like better, lol... {what to do... what to do...}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just had to share

Today we headed back home after stopping and doing a little shopping.. and ran across this car!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hollywood Studios

Day 2... Well... it was certainly a rough day full of meltdowns from Zane and I both! Not sure what was going on with him but we made our way through it. We decided to spend some time this morning in the pool, then a quick nap time before heading out to Hollywood Studios :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Kim has 3 days off and asked if we wanted to join her at Disney for a few... and of course we're not going to turn down Disney!! {esp since I'm going through with drawls! ha!}

We left decently early this morning and headed down... listening of course to Disney movies the WHOLE way! ;) Made a stop at Target for some breakfast and lunch stuff and of course some snacks for the next couple of days...

Once we got to the hotel little man was so tired that we decided it might be best if he took a nap before we hit up Disney. Once nap time was over we ate a little bit and then we were off to see Mickey {though some how we didn't manage to fit him in, lol}

Zane had his first roller coaster ride this time around. He was too funny in line with "Oooooooo" "I ride?!?!" "FUN!!" "go ride!!" and much more... but when it was time for us to ride he was a bit unsure, lol! Then once we were off the ride he says "Wooo Hoooo!! I ride again?!?!" The child is too funny!!

Then we were off for some of the other fun Disney rides before watching the fireworks {which little man fell asleep in the middle of} and heading back to our room.

And I have a bit of a funny story about an event that took place in our room, lol. Weak stomachs beware... mommies you have no worries, lol. Kim decided to go ahead and give Zane his bath... well she gets him undressed and takes his diaper off and a wad of poop falls out, bahaha, and of course Zane proceeds to just jump in the tub.. and then we look at him and he's swimming in poop, just lovely!!! So we get him out, get him and the tub cleaned up and then go round two on the bath, lol! It was certainly a bath time to remember!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend wrap up

We had a lot of fun this weekend {another low key one, can't beat that!}

Saturday Dean worked in the morning... he actually called at 10 and woke me up.. Zane slept till 10:45!!! Can't explain just how thankful I was about that! lol! Then we got ready and headed out in the boat with some friends. We actually were hit or miss in the rain today.. but hey, we were in the boat... we're guaranteed to get wet anyways, right!?!? lol! I actually got out with Zane on the knee board... which didn't last long because all he wanted to do was swim. So he got back in the boat with Dean while I knee boarded for a little bit {and man did I forget about how hard that was!!} then I decided to strap on the wakeboard for a bit. We had an absolutely wonderful time! We got home about 5ish and ate dinner and Zane wanted to got to bed so he actually laid down at 5:30 and I thought it would be just a 2 hour nap... nope he stayed there ALL night!! Dean and I actually went to bed a bit early too... 8!! but then we were both up at midnight for a while, lol!

Sunday was certainly as laided back as it gets... Zane and I spent all day at home. Dean went out about noon for a wakeboard lesson while Zane and I spent some time playing. I was suppose to have an afternoon session which of course was rained out and rescheduled :( I did however get some packing done for our Disney trip that we're leaving for in the morning!!! YAY!!!

{and a FUNNY story about Dean's wakeboard session} I get a call about 30 min prior to Dean's lesson starting saying that I need to hurry up and bring him some new board shorts to the ramp.. so I hurried and grabbed another pair, grabbed Zane and headed down to the ramp... I got there about 10 min before his session to find him wrapped in my pink zebra towel because the crotch of his board shorts blow out!! bahahaha!!! talking about funny... that one's going to be hard to beat!! ha! Sorry Dean! ;)

Over all a great weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A little catching up....

Not too much has been going on here. I've been looking back into school and trying to figure out what route to take. That's been a task in it's self. The original plan was to go for sonography... but I would have to attend Mayo or St Vincent's school and they only except a VERY limited amount of people and I would be able to attend anyways since I have Zane during the day. So after thinking quite hard about everything I've decided to go back to FSCJ and finish up my AA {2 classes to go!!} and then go for my BA in Elementary Education. I won't be able to attend this fall term because well.. I waited a bit to long to finally make up my mind, lol, and the 2 classes I need start on session A and not session B... so Jan I'll be back in school! :)

We're getting ready for things to start picking back up around here... we've already got 4 Disney trips planned {and I'm sure there'll be more than that in there}, a lake trip for Dean's b-day, Swim lessons for Zane {yeh, I know I'm starting those a bit late, lol}, B-day parties galore!, Family pics {at a very awesome place!}, the fair will be here before we know it.... I've got several Senior, Family and Weddings coming up in the next few months.... just LOTS of stuff going on

The last couple of days Zane and I have just hung out around the house... getting some rest before the chaos begins, lol! We both got our hair cut {and ofcourse I completely changed mine up} this week... something we both were in need of! I FINALLY managed to get the whole house almost completely cleaned... WHILE Zane was up, haha, I should get a medal for that one!! I'm actually looking at the pre k curriculum and I think I'm going to pick some stuff off it and start working with Zane on some stuff... we've been slacking on that here the past few months and I think it's time we start back on it :)

I think that's about it for right now.... Hope everyone's doing great!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aquatic Center fun!

Today all the cousin's met up for a day in the water... here are a few pics I was able to snap today since Kim was there to help keep an eye on Zane...