Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red White and Blue

So we hosted with friends a Red, White and Blue party that we how to make it an annual party. SO much fun doesn't even explain it. Everyone brought a side dish and drinks and we played on the HUGE blow up slide, a wet obstacle course and swam in the pool. Late that night was corn hole and laser tag!! Can't wait to do it again next year!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wasted Saturday

So I brought the boat back to the dealer in Orlando on Tuesday so that they could buff it out, put the new decals on, new skins on the seats and a few other things that they needed to check out.

We headed down around noon so that we didn't get there to early since it wouldn't be ready till the afternoon. Zane stayed home and hung out with Parks and Drayvn while Peyton and Bailey went out with us. We got there and they only had one side of the decal done and were about half way on the second. Though they had almost everything else to do and they were suppose to be done in about 2 hours. So after going over what they had left to do we headed out to do a little shopping.

At about 4:00 when the boat should have been completely finished we get a call from the owner saying they had found a problem that they didn't feel comfortable sending us home with so they would have it fixed and would deliver it to us on Tues. So, back home we headed.... what a wasted Saturday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Deck

Here's the beginning of our back deck that was started today!!

Animal Kingdom

So today was suppose to be clear and stormy in the afternoon. With that in mind and the fact that I didn't want to get home late we went ahead and drove to Animal Kingdom after packing up. Zane was excited because he was going to get to ride the tram for the FIRST time... but we parked SO close to the front it was easier to just walk. Poor little guy was so disappointed. We had fund checking out all the animals and going on the safari ride. We ended the evening {Later than we had planned since we lost track of time since it didn't storm!} at Rainforrest Cafe. After dinner back home we headed... but not until Zane and I rode the tram back to the car!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stormy Day

So today's forecast isn't looking so hot.... On top of Peyton not sleeping last night and Zane waking up super sick sounding. Our original plan was to hit up Animal Kingdom but I would have hated to get stuck in the bad weather there while waiting on a bus to get back on top of it. So a day just playing around is what the doctor ordered. We took our time just hanging out in the room, the breakfast and we drove to downtown just in case we needed a quick get-a-way, ha! Had so much fun checking out all the little stores, riding the train, taking the time to really look at things instead of rushing through, and then eating at T-Rex! T-Rex is without a doubt our favorite restaurant downtown. After that I had to make a Target run {I just can't go any where without a little Target thrown in, haha!}, I really did need to get some meds for Zane, though I must admit that's not all I walked out with!! The kids along with Melissa and I were pretty pooped so back to our room when went and called it an early night.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Return to Magic Kingdom

So I had to take the boat down to Orlando for it to get it's "pick me up" so I thought why not make a couple of days of Disney?!?! Melissa come with us so she could help me out with the kids. Zane didn't know about the whole Disney trip, he was just told that we had to drop off the boat for daddy. So he was surprised and so excited when we passed through the disney sign. "We're going to DISNEY!?!?!?!?! I want to ride the buses, splash mountain, race cars, dumbo... are we really going!?!?!" Haha.. LOVE that little boy!! We check in our room, had Zane and Peyton drawn as cartoon characters, ate dinner and then headed off to Magic Kingdom. We rode Dumbo {while watching fireworks!!}, Goofy's roller coaster, checked out the new Casey Jr splash area, teacups {Peyton and I got sick}, splash mountain, the fastest choo-choo and pirates before the park closed down for the night. Zane didn't want to go back to our room.. he wanted MORE rides!

Here are a few pics from my phone....