Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy and Dean!!!

I didn't get to see my daddy today since he is working nights.... he was sleeping when we left and was gone once we got home.. but he did know we were thinking of him and he was loved :) He had a little treat waiting on him when he got home this morning {and of course got a phone call this afternoon}...

This is what was in the box from Zane and Peyton...

Our morning started at 8:30 when both kids got up.

After breakfast we all got ready and headed out to meet with Dean's mom and sister to go see Mrs Sue's brother and wife {Uncle Butch and Aunt Carol} who are moving to Oregon.

Once we were done spending some time chatting and saying goodbye we headed to the Loop for lunch!! We then headed outside to take some pics and of course we found some ducks who were in need of some french fries, lol!!

Then we were off the Grandma's so that she could come and see Zane sing and dance at his VBS performance.

We had a little time to burn before church so we went down to the river and came across this...

ok.. back to church... We could hear Zane all through the performances talking, haha! After the first group he said "All done!!" After the second it was "My turn!!" Then after another "I open present!!" haha.. he was cracking us up! But then when it was his turn he seemed to have lost his spunk :( He was so tired that he just sat through his performance.. no singing or dancing. Guess all the running around with only about a 20 min nap just wasn't enough. He did seem to have a great time though.

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