Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day Date

Dean and I were lucky enough to escape today and head to Typhoon Lagoon for the afternoon for a day date!! Thank you SO much Granny and Pam for watching Zane and Peyton!! I know Zane had a blast playing all day with Granny because he slept HALF the day on Monday!! ha!! And I'm sure Peyton had fun with Pam.. Hannah however I know wasn't too happy about Peyton, haha!

We got down to Disney a little later than planned but we had been running about 1.5 hours behind from the get go this morning. So our original plan of heading to Epcot to ride soarin' before heading to Typhoon Lagoon didn't exactly happen.. esp since we found out the wait was 75 Minutes!!! yikes!!! So off to Typhoon Lagoon... we had a LOT of fun.. def wish we had a little more time since we didn't get to ride all the slides.. but we'll get there. Excited to take Zane.. he's going to LOVE the little water part for the kids. My favorite part of the day.. the wave pool!!! It sends out a series of HUGE ... I mean HUUUUGE.. waves.. I had so much fun trying to body surf them, haha!

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