Monday, August 15, 2011


Yep.. we went back! haha! Surprised I know! But hey.. gotta make sure we squeeze every penny out of those passes!! Plus in just a matter of months Zane won't be FREE anymore :(

Anyways, back to our visit. Kim and I headed down Friday morning with the kids. After making a target stop because I forgot something {then realizing about 30 min after leaving there I forgot something else!} We FINALLY arrived at Disney. I SOO should have taken a pic of our luggage load and how we got in our room with all of it plus two kids, pretty amusing. Anyways.. we had planned on swimming when we got there but little man was in a bit of a mood so I made him lay down... an hour later he was OUT. Aunt Kim went swimming.. and no longer did Zane go out {and I thought I may catch a little sleep} Peyton was up! After feeding her and then realizing she was NOT going to go back to sleep I sat with Kim outside our room waiting for Zane to wake up {it was STORMING outside and they had cleared the pool} After little man got up off we headed to Magic Kingdom. We didn't do too much before heading back to the resort because daddy and granny had arrived. But we did manage to ride Pirates.. and Aunt Kim and Zane rode on Dumbo, the Carosel and drove Race cars. I am proud to say that Zane didn't have ONE accident ALL day!!!

Saturday everyone slept till almost 11! We got up, ate, and headed to the pool {for 3 hours! haha!} Zane was so tired he didn't even fight us on leaving. Got to the room.. tried to get him down for a nap while Aunt Kim and Granny headed off to Downtown Disney since we wanted to eat at T-Rex later. After almost an hour we decided to just give in and get going. So off to Downtown for some food and a little shopping. After meeting Kim and Granny we found out they had just ate and since Dean and I were now hungry we decided to just head to Disney and we could grab some food there. Well.. on the way Zane fell asleep {and while sleeping peed in his pants and of course I got hit too!} So... off to our room we went to get out of our pee clothes. an hour later {thanks to the boats} we were back in Magic Kingdom trying to find Aunt Kim and Granny... couldn't figure out where they were and with a parade about to start decided we'd ride pirates in hopes the parade would be done when we got out. We ended up catching the end of the parade and meeting Kim and Granny shortly after. Dean, Zane and I still needed to eat dinner.. but since the park was closing soon wanted to squeeze some things in.. so back to Dumbo we went.. then to Pooh.. then Aunt Kim and Granny headed to Peter Pan while we sought out some much needed FOOD! After getting food Zane and I headed over to get one last ride in on the Race Cars.. then went back and ate our food.

Sunday we headed off to Animal Kingdom after getting the cars packed. Dean and I had yet to ride "Dinosaur" .. SOOO much fun! Zane's still a bit to short and I think it's def a bit too scary for him still. But he had fun climbing on the dinosaur outside and then the dinosaur ride {it's just like Dumbo but with dinosaurs, ha!}. Then we were off to Hollywood Studios {certainly a benefit of having passes!!} First up... food and fast passes for the new Star Wars ride. Then we were off to try and catch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show ... but missed it because of a another accident :/ So off to meet Pooh and Mickey we went. We then headed to Tower of Terror.. because when Dean rode it for the first time I was preggo with Peyton.. so I had yet to ride it.. Ahh! GREAT ride!! Then it was time for our fast passes so off to the Star Wars ride. We were all getting pretty tired from all the heat so decided to head bak to get the cars and head to downtown to eat at T-Rex. We were just out of the parking lot when Zane fell asleep. We had a yummy dinner followed by a AWESOME dessert then we were headed home!! Zane stayed awake practically the ENTIRE way! I thought for sure he'd be out cold! He didn't fall asleep till we hit Hilliard at 1:20am!

This by far is the craziest trip we have done... I feel like we just did a bunch of walking around! ha! And I have got to just start sucking it up and bringing my good camera. I looked back at some of the pictures I have from Zane first few times and Peyton has NO good pics :( bad mommy!!!

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