Monday, April 23, 2012

Stressed out momma

So Zane has had an unexplained fever with no other symptoms for a little over a day now. The highest being this morning and it was almost 106!! We've learned that Zane does run higher than normal fevers so we tend not to jump on a 103 or 104 fever... but he's never had one hit like this one. We took him in on Friday and the dr said just to keep an eye on him since he was acting "normal" and if anything changed to give them a call over the weekend. He was still running a pretty high fever this morning so I called and made him an appt. When doing blood work today to check his white blood cells we found that his red blood cells were extremely low. Could be just viral knocking them {which according to the dr would be rare to see it knocked as low as they were.. but def possible} but there is a possibility for something more. With everything that's went on in the past few months I'm letting fear get the best of me so I'm asking for some peace of mind. We go back Friday for more blood work and to see if anything has changed.... unless they're are changes before then. UPDATE... Ok. I wasn't trying to worry anyone... I'm prob just being a paranoid mom and this will turn out to be nothing. With the reality of dad setting in this is just stirring some emotions that are already boiling. We aren't really worried about his fevers as they seem to be getting a bit lower and we're spacing meds a little farther apart. What does have us concerned is the low red blood cells. But it could be as simple as mono... I just don't want anyone think that we've received bad news. I'm just a mom who's very concerned about her little boy. ;). We have things that the dr is having us watch and have constant access to our dr. Love you guys and thank you so much for the prayers.... I'm def feeling a bit calmer than earlier.

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