Thursday, August 16, 2012

disney distractions

So Kim and I decided to head to Disney in order to side track the kids and I since we've all be having a hard time with Dean being gone to say the least. Our trip was also a rough one! I decided that I would tow our camper with us and well that didn't work out quite so well. We ended up blowing two tires on the way down so a 3.5 hour trip ended up taking us about 9 hours! AHH! Then I decided that since I had blown two that I would get all new tires for the ride home. I was still a bit uneasy so we ended up driving 55 the WHOLE way home... 10.5 hours! AH! I personally will not be towing the camper without Dean again! ha! We did have fun at Disney though it was still hard to enjoy knowing that we had absolutely NO contact with Dean... praying hard....

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