Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today was Zane's first tball practice.  I must admit it did NOT go as I had hoped it would.  He was "scared" to go to practice so it def took some bribing on mommy's part to just get him to go.  I'm beyond glad that I had Mary watch Peyton because it made this first practice a bit easier.  Once there he just wanted to sit on the bleachers.  After a bit a talking he decided to join the other kids who were just having fun running around on the field.  Once practice started and the kids were asked to line up so that they could run bases the fun began... He flat out refused.  :/  He fell in line after mommy threatening a bit... ran the bases great and with a smile on his face.  Next up was playing in the outfield.  He did great as long as he was catching and throwing... the down time between was FULL of whining!  Then came hitting... he did GREAT hitting off the Tee.  However, he didn't understand that he was suppose to throw his bat and then run... he wanted to run with his bat. haha!  The last 15 min was full of "I don't wanna play any more!!!  I just wanna go home!!" whining.  He some how managed to make it through all of practice.  Hope next week is a bit better!!!

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