Monday, July 29, 2013

Disney Trip

yes... If you don't know by now {and I don't know how you couldn't} we're Disney addicts!  Hey, gotta get use out of our passes! ahaha!  We had another great family weekend down there.  I wouldn't trade these moments with my kids for anything!!!

Getting ready to fly on the magic carpets..

 Can you spot this hidden mickey in the haunted mansion??

Eating at T-Rex... our Favorite!!!!

Anyone remember these socks!?!? we LOVE them!!!
Gotta love the magic a Disney cookie leaves behind, haha!
 Headed to Downtown for some lunch..
 and Nemo!
Everyone's new mickey ears!

 Starting our magic hours tonight out with the electrical parade!
Fun with Aunt Kim...

 Nighty Night from Cinderella's castle!

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