Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So… back to this SURPRISE….

Yeh… this little surprise!

Due... Jan 20,  2015

To say this was a surprise is the understatement of the CENTURY!!  And truth be told I'm kinda glad I wasn't blogging at the time we found out.  I will fully admit that I was completely and utterly ANGRY about the whole thing.   While Dean on the other hand was calm and ok with everything, which of course made me more upset.  As I sit and type this MONTHS later, I've come to grips with this new little blessing.   I was angry, upset and out right scared of what this little one would do to our family. Our family was PERFECT!   We didn't need another.. wasn't expecting another.   I couldn't come to grips with WHY God would choose to bless us with another baby when I knew those who were struggling to just have ONE!  Though I still do not understand why we were given this little one, and though I still do have my rocky days about baby #3…  This baby was NO accident and was meant to be in our lives.   I'm now excited to see what this means for our little family and just what a blessing this baby WILL be!  {don't get me wrong I'm still SCARED out of my mind!!}

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