Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ahh... I have been totally dreading this day!

Today we headed to Wolfson bright and early at 5am for Zane's circumcision. He couldn't have it done when he was born because he had some webbing and the doctor's advised us to wait.. and well here we are. Kim went with us thankfully... I wasn't so much concerned with the circumcision.. it's an everyday thing... however... the thought of them putting my little man to sleep completely freaked me out!

Zane did awesome though... we got there, signed in and then waited in the playroom. They soon called us back to put him in a gown.. then back to the playroom we went. Once again we were called back where they did his vitals and drew some blood... then back to the good ole' playroom....

Once about 8:15 rolled around they called our name once more to head back to the holding room... where Zane just continued to play.

After speaking with the anasthesiologist and the doctor the nurse came in to grab Zane and take him back. We walked with her to the double doors where I told him I loved him and would see him in a little bit with LOTS of hugs and kisses before handing him over. He went to the nurse and headed down the hall without even a second glance at momma... which totally broke my heart :(

Just 45 min later the doctor came into the waiting room and said everything went well and that he was on his way to the recovery room. After a few minutes they came and got me and Kim and we went back to see little man. lol, we actually heard him coming down the hall ... the nurse had been holding his bottle and dropped it for a sec in which he started crying. Once he seen momma it was all over and he was trying to get out of the bed. After he had downed 2 bottles and held them down and had waken up a bit they took out his IV... gave me instructions for the next couple of days.. we were off.

We ended up stopping by Publix for some lunch for Kim and I since little man seemed to be doing well (and since it was only 10:30 so everyone was still serving breakfast). We then headed to CVS to get Zane's script filled and then headed to Granny's to eat and wait for daddy. Zane seemed to be doing quite well... he was happy go lucky, playing and eating. A little after 1 Dean and I decided to head home so that little man could get some rest.

Once we got home it was game on. Little man's good drugs from the hospital had wore off and he was feeling the pain. It didn't matter what we tried to do all he did was scream... and I cried. I felt absolutely horrible and helpless. It was a long night for the both of us.. but we made it.

Friday was a MUCH better day. Changing diapers was an ordeal, but for the most part it was a good day... a lot better than what I had anticipated.

Now (Monday) little man is doing great... you would have never known about what happened just a few days ago :)

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