Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Date

Kim offered to watch Zane for Dean and I today so we took her up on it and headed to the movies for the first time since before Zane was born!! We saw Date Night.. and what a GREAT and FUNNY movie!! lol.. we laughed the ENTIRE movie!! We then hit up Olive Garden for some take home dinners :) Thanks Aunt Kim!!!!

Oh.. and just a side note.. we came home to a flooded bathroom.. yeah.. you heard that right! Flooded Bathroom. Some time while I was getting ready in the bathroom and Zane was asking to take a bath he managed with out me seeing to close the drain and turn the faucet to a fast drip.. and well needless to say that it was OVER FOLLOWING when we got home.. and the sad thing is.. all we could do was laugh :)

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