Monday, February 14, 2011


Yep... we went back to Disney!! For the last time for a while I'm afraid. With our passes expiring March 1 and for the fact that Dean had to push me around in a wheelchair all three days I do believe it's safe to say we prob won't be heading back till after Peyton and after the summer heat wave!

We had a total blast though! We headed down Sat morning with Dean's mom and sister and hit up Magic Kingdom, though the lines were SO long that we ended up back at the hotel a little early and ended up just heading to downtown disney for some dinner.

Sunday we were off to Animal Kingdom before Dean's mom headed out and it was nap time. Then back to Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours :))) We rode pretty much everything within the 3 hours we had!

Monday we headed to Epcot for a bit, rode some rides, ate and met the characters before heading home. Def a FUN weekend!

Zane was a total trip this time.. oh, and you know we've hit disney when all you can hear in the car is CHOO CHOO!!! CHOO CHOO BUS!!! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!! hehehe! lol.. he's too funny! {he's been talking about all the rides he wanted to ride for at least a month now!} When we got to Disney the first time he asked to ride pirates first.. then we went to peter pan. he asked about Dumbo and the carousel {and the racecars.. but the lines were SO ridiculously long that we saved them for the second night we were there} The second night we stayed at the Polynesian and we had a room that had the monorail track right outside... needless to say nap time was tough because all he wanted to do was watch for the MONO-RAIL! lol! That night when we went back to Disney the first thing we did was watch the fireworks... after watching them he looked at us and asked "how'd they do that?!?!" it was just too funny!! Then when we got off the race cars he looked at the teacups and asked.. What's that?! I said.. those are the teacups! He looked at me and said.. I ride? I ride the teacups?! I then replied.. you want to ride them!?!? he says "ok!" lol.. so him and daddy rode the teacups, haha! I know there were several other things but this pregnant momma brain just isn't working, ha! He was certainly more verbal about everything this time.. from how he wanted to go to the park via bus, monorail or boat.. to what he wanted to eat and what he wanted to ride! I can't wait to see the difference when we go back in Sept.. esp since we'll have Peyton too....

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