Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another weekend down...

This weekend we actually got some stuff accomplished! lol! I started off by getting my hair done Sat morning.. and boy was it NEEDED!! We cleaned out Peyton's room which has become a catch-all-room and got it painted in pretty pink! Still need to go and get her furniture, but I'm waiting till I can use my 20% coupon to save some money! Can't wait to start getting everything and making it pretty!!!! We also took the old-non-working-furnace out of the hall and turned it into a closet... that was a job for Dean and dad... Dad actually ended up taking it out on Friday while Dean was at work and I was running errands.. came home to find a hole in the hallway, lol! So Dean had the job of removing the gas line and getting the vent out of the roof and plugging the hole. Now to just get the paint and get it painted, lol!

Sorry for the bad pics... they're off my cell... I was too tired to go look for my small camera, haha!

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