Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabe!

First thing this morning we all loaded up to head to Jacksonville for Dean's dentist appt so that he could get a tooth pulled. Last time he had one pulled he couldn't drive home from the loss of blood.. so in order to just completely avoid that we just came with him. After dropping him off I headed to a near by park so that Zane could run and play {no way was he going to sit in the car for the hour and half we would be there.} Well after playing at the park for about 2 hours we headed back to the dentist only to find they hadn't even pulled the tooth yet!!! Kim was on her way home from St Augustine so she stopped and joined us in our waiting game and took Zane down to the bakery for a treat. After almost FOUR hours we were headed back home.

I was a bit upset with myself because I didn't grab Gabe's birthday gift this morning before leaving because well Dean's appt was at 9 this morning and with Gabe's party not till 4 I thought there was PLENTY of time for us to come home for naps and then head back out. Well instead we had enough time to drop Dean and Peyton at home.. grab Gabe's gift and get back out the door.

We had a BLAST at Gabe's birthday party though!!! Zane just wanted to keep going on the track, I honestly don't think he really cared who he rode with, ha! Deanna ALWAYS has the BEST birthday parties for the kids, she really should have a business planning parties!! Thank you Gabe for inviting us!! and HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

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