Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dentist, Doctor and Pictures

Today was LOADED full. This morning Zane had his first dentist appt. I was praying that he wouldn't freak out and he'd do great and that's exactly what happened. We walked to the back where they brushed his teeth, flossed his teeth and then counted them {aka checked for cavities}. When the actual dentist came in to take a look he was too interested in the movie Rio on the ceiling and the headphones weren't coming off to talk, haha! Dentist said everything looked great and NO cavities!!

Next up was Peyton and her dr appt. She weighed in at 13 pounds{25%} {that's what Zane was at his TWO month appt!!} and was 25 inches {75%} {I've got to go back and check her height.. that's what I get for waiting two weeks to blog it! :/} She had 3 shots and mommy cried I think just as much as she did while Zane just kept asking if she was ok... poor thing. The next appt should be quite interesting... it'll be for Peyton's 6 month and Zane's 3 year... Please be praying, I'm going to be a wreck with both kids getting shots!!! I always feel horrible!!

I managed to get some errands done between appts but was suppose to finish up after Peytons and I don't think any of us were feeling it so home we went for some rest. And after a little rest and daddy getting home, I took Peyton's 4 months pics. Not the best day to be doing pics because of her shots but unless I just wanted to ship them this was the only day to get them done... so here they are..

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