Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Our Christmas was a bit busy this year... yet so very special. We spent Christmas morning opening presents as a family and I didn't pick up my camera once. We then spent time watching the Christmas parade on tv, eating breakfast and playing with all the new toys. It was certainly hard not having dad with us Christmas morning or being able to have a REAL Christmas with him on the day it is to be celebrated. With the kids having the sniffles and some coughs we thought it would be best that Dean just go ahead and let them rest before taking them to his grandma's for our Christmas there. I went and spend time with daddy at the hospital where he is on day 3 of his in patient chemo... I'm so happy he was in good spirits but it was so hard leaving. We had a blast spending time with family at Grandma's. The kids and Dean and I received some very nice gifts. We are with out a doubt blessed.

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