Saturday, December 3, 2011

Disney and the BIG 3-0

This morning we headed down to Disney for our first day of our long vacation!! It also just happens to be my 30th Birthday! We decided to leave the house this morning about 4am since we had a few stops to make and we wanted to meet some friends at Animal Kingdom when they opened at 9am. We spent the entire day at Animal Kingdom {well until it closed at like 5, lol} then we headed off to the cabin to meet with Granny and Aunt KIm. Once there we found happy cake and presents!! Then we headed to Disney for a little bit since they were open till 1am. Here are just a few pics from the day...

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Abbi said...

Happy late birthday. looks like you had a great one!
you lil one is getting SO big! she's such a doll! love that pic of her! it's def a framer!!!
praying for you and your family!! love!!