Sunday, July 22, 2012


This weekend Dean and I made an adult escape to the Bahamas for some "just us" time before he leaves next week. Still doesn't seem real that him leaving is so close. I'm just ready for this whole boot camp thing to just be over and it hasn't even began.

We left on Friday night after Dean got off work and landed in the Bahamas late that night. Sat we had a FULL day of fun!! We toured our resort and checked out everything, swam with the dolphins, snorkeled the ruins, swam in the ocean, played on the not so lazy river, we had an absolute blast! Sunday our plane didn't leave till that afternoon so we had planned to do a little more of the watermark area, however, mother nature had other plans and we didn't get to do much at all since it pretty much stormed all day there. This was a most needed trip just sad that it went by so quickly!

our resort....

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