Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lake Weekend

We got to spend this weekend at Lake Kerr. This is actually Zane and Peyton's first trip {And Bailey's too}!! We so much fun though everyone didn't show. Our plans for Saturday didn't quite work out as planned. We had planned to go to Silver River after breakfast so that we could take the boat into the springs. BUT with all the rain we've had and all the flooding it's actually made the water like sweet tea and you can't see the logs under the water... SOOOO we decided to just go to the lake and take Zane fishing for the first time.... and it POURED! Off to the campsite we headed for lunch. After the weather cleared we decided to go out for an afternoon cruise and to try out fishing again. We spent the remainder of the night by a camp fire roasting marshmallows.

Sunday was a FULL day at the lake filled with wake boarding, tubing and fishing. I still can't believe Dean let us fish out of his boat, though we never did catch anything! Funny what having kids means you'll do! Once everyone was pretty pooped we decided to load up and head home! We had a awesome weekend, so sad that we won't be able to fit in another trip before Dean leaves for BOOT CAMP!

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