Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying Good bye

Ah.. this day has finally came. And though I thought I had prepared myself it couldn't have been harder. We brought Dean to the airport this morning so that he could head off to boot camp. I haven't stopped crying all day. This is already harder than I anticipated so I'm not looking forward to the next 8.5 weeks. We came home and Peyton took a nap while Zane went swimming in hopes that time would pass quickly. We ended up going out to Granny's tonight to help pass some time as well... which is actually when I got a call from Dean saying that he had made it to San Antonio and that it would be the last call I got from him till he arrived on base and did their arrival call to us. I got that call about 10:30pm and OUCH! did that hurt. I was completely scripted and I we weren't allowed to talk. Now the waiting game of one call a week for 15 min begins. I just pray this goes quickly for all of us.

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