Monday, December 10, 2012


Well.. they first said 10% chance... then it went to 30%.... but it wasn't till I received a text from Dean saying that they were told to wear their parkas in the morning that it suppose to snow that I actually got my hopes up to actually see snow!! I stayed up till 2am because Dean said they were told it was suppose to snow between 2-5. At 2:15 I walked out to our balcony to find it snowing like CRAZY!!! I was so excited and knew that it wouldn't be coming down when we got up in the morning so I went in and got Zane up so that he could see it too. I don't know who was more giddy.. me or Zane!! haha! It was just so neat!!

So this morning once we had woke up a bit and ate breakfast we all bundled up and headed outside to play in REAL SNOW! haha... the only "snow" Zane has ever seen is when we go to ICE during December every year. He LOVED it!!! Peyton.. well I think she liked it she certainly didn't like being layered. Poor kid just kept falling over!

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