Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Let me just say how glad I am that we bought the extended warranty on my truck.  What an evening!  I pulled my truck to the shop to get it all nice an clean only to finish and have it not start.  My first thought was maybe I had killed the battery since I played the radio while cleaning it... after using the jumper box and it not starting I started to move on to other possibilities.  After realizing the my locks didn't work, I couldn't open my back hatch and that I could roll up the front windows but could do NOTHING with the back.. I figured there was more going on than what I could handle.  Curt got home before Dean and started looking and playing... nothing.  Dean got home.. same thing.  So at midnight the decision was pretty much made for us... off to the dealer in the morning.

update... after my truck spending the day at the dealer it was determined that a module had went bad and was thankfully covered under my warranty!  So thankful it was covered, it broke at home and I was only out of my truck for 24 hours!  Dealer was AWESOME!

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