Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Busy

Today was pretty full... yet so fun, day!  My morning started off at Kristi's baby shower at Olive Garden.  It was so great to see her!!  Sad that we've not been able to get together more since they got back from Texas {and then of course we go over there! haha!}.  On top of that, I couldn't be happy for them that they are having a GIRL!  Miss AnnaBelle Paisley  LOVE her name!

And of course... I left my camera at home {so no pics to show for today!}  However, Kristi did get one with her camera that I'll have to steal!

I left Kristi's shower a little early so that I could meet Dean and the kids at Lucas' 4th bday party!!!  I had already made plans to be a bit late, however, Dean and the kids were suppose to be on time and they got there about 30 min AFTER I did! ha!  Lucas' Jake and the Neverland Pirates party was SO stinking cute!!!!  I SO wish I had taken some pics!!!  So... I'm stealing Chrissy's!!

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