Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crusin' .. Day 1

The time is FINALLY here!!!  We're going on our FIRST Disney cruise!!!  We ended up telling Zane and he actually wasn't too thrilled when we told him about it, however seems to have warmed up to the idea.   Once we finally got to our boat he was SO EXCITED and so was Peyton!  We loaded on the boat, checked out our room, then headed up for lunch as we waited for Aunt Kim to arrive.  Once we met up with Aunt Kim we did some exploring and waited on deck for our Sailing Away party!  When Zane realized we were leaving and heading out to the ocean the melt down began, he was scared.  We did get him calmed down enough to enjoy the rest of the evening but we could def tell he was still quite unsure about leaving land.   We headed down to our first nights dinner and it was SO neat!!  We loved every minute!!!  Here are some of our pics from our first day on board….

Twizzlers with Granny at 9am because we're on vacation! HA!
We're HERE!!!
 Our room...

 We are now that "Matching Shirts" family

Safety Meeting...
Sailing Away Party!

Night one dinner..

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