Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Tonight we surprised both Aunt Kim and Dean with a dinner birthday.  Dean had duty today and I told him we were meeting his sister and mom for dinner.. when we in fact had a few other family members and friends joining us.  Kim just thought we were getting together for Dean's but since I knew she was going to be out of town I wanted to include her as well since her birthday is on the 19th.  NOTHING about this plan went as it was suppose to! ha!  We had original plans of meeting at carrabas… well it was too full. Then we figured MAYBE Outback since it was right next door, well they could sit a party of our size together and we would be on separate sides of the restaurant.   Dean couldn't understand why we couldn't go to either because I didn't want to bust the surprise dinner.. in which I ended up HAVING to do! BOO!  We did find out we could get into olive garden with NO problem so after many texts and calls we headed everyone there.  I had also received the call that our cousins Deanna, Jon, Kate, Gabe and Grant weren't going to be able to make it because they were headed to rescue Uncle Paul and Aunt Vickie in Ga because their van had broke down on them.   So, even with all the confusion we still had a wonderful time celebrating some pretty important people.  Happy Birthday Dean and Kim!!!!

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