Tuesday, November 11, 2008

D-Day = 7 days, 12 hours... and counting!

Welcome to our new blog to welcome our little man into the world.  I have currently been blogging about my pregnancy on babybare.blogdrive.com but figured with a new chapter starting in our life that I would start a new blog too. I can't believe that we'll finally be meeting our bundle of joy in a matter of just a week! I'll be continueing to blog on my pregnancy blog until the arrival of our little man, so stay tuned!


Friday said...

Today is the day! Wishing the Bare Family years and years of health, happiness and love. :)

Kate & Gabe said...

I am so glad you changed to blogspot! My computer hated the format of your last blog...so now I can keep up better!

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on ZANE!!!!! He is gorgeous! We can't wait to meet him!