Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A quick update on our new life.....

Things have def seemed to get crazy around our house in the past week.  I can't believe that a week ago we were in the hospital meeting our little man for the first time.  We're starting to get set into a routine.  I am finding out just how much I adore Dean.  He is the best husband and daddy ever.  

Zane... what can I say, he's perfect!  He most def is Dean's baby... there is no denying that, he's Dean's personal little mini me. The first few nights home he pretty much slept through the night... we'd feed him at 9:30, wake him up at 12:30 and then he would sleep till 5 and go back to sleep till about 10. We WERE in heaven!  The last few nights that hasn't been the case... it's either Dean or I that's up all night.  Last night was mine so it looks like Dean will be the one falling in his Thanksgiving dinner tom :)   Ummm, he's holding his head up pretty good, he's been doing that since he was born.  The minute he got here they were holding him and he picked his head up and starting looking around like  "what's going on?"  I think it's from him trying to be nosey while I was pregnant and sticking his head out of my belly. He's actually already scooting around on his belly too!  I can't believe that!

Dean..... Dean has been nothing but great... I'm so blessed to have a husband who is loving.  He has done all the house work... laundry... dishes.. vaccuming... mopping.... EVERYTHING!  He's changed every diaper up until a couple of days ago.  He loves Zane oh so much.... and he is SO protective... I call it parinoid but he calls is protective.... which ultametialy is really great, I know I have nothing to worry about.

Me... I'm doing pretty good. I'm def starting to feel a lot better.  The first few days were def the hardest with the pain.  But all in all it was worth it all because I have the best son.  Breastfeeding didn't go so well so I'm pumping, although he's getting formual as well.  I've def still have some mood swings... although they all seem to be crying spells.  Dean can same something, and it be nothing wrong with what he says, and I can take it completely the wrong way and cry for about 30 minutes over it... it's completely ridiculous!!!  I think that's about it for me.

Stories from this week:

We went to the doctor on Mon for Zane's first doctor's appt... he's up 3 oz since us leaving the hospital on Friday.  lol, we had quite the experience while we were there too!  We got in the room and the nurse came in, told us to strip him down to his diaper so that she could weigh him... no biggie.... well as I handed him to her he decided to dirty his diaper... the nurse just laughed and said "no big deal", she cleaned him up weighed him and handed him back and told us that we could go ahead and put his diaper back on and the doctor would be in shortly.  Well, I got his diaper on him, handed him to Dean and he decided he wasn't done just yet.  So... we waited till he was done put him back on the table and changed him... just as we're starting to get the diaper on he decides to pee all over us!  Needless to say all Dean and I could do was laugh!  We got him all cleaned up just before the doctor came in.... it was too funny though!

Heather and Kaylee Grace came over to visit with Zane yesterday and how does Zane repay them??  He leaks through his diaper and pees on Heather!  lol, then to top it off he decided to smile about it! 

Today we decided to go into town to have Zane's 1 week pictures done. Well before going to have them done we had to go to VW to get the tag situated on my dad's car.  Well we had a poopy diaper.  Dean decided that it was mine to change... so... I starting changing him and he starting pooping more!  I waited till he was done... started again and so did he!  Dean and I just laughed!  I told Dean "I guess he making up for lost time"

I'm sure that I missing plenty of stuff.... I guess that's what I get for not trying to blog a little during the week!   But for now I need to get off here and get ready for Thanksgiving tom!

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Mel said...

Aw. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with Zane. It's so exciting that Candy will soon enjoy it also.

And I understand about the breastfeeding. I wholey intended to do it for 6 months, but never got the hang of it and it didn't help that I was forced to pump or give formula not long after my girl came home because of jaundice. So be really glad he is pooping alot. It's a good sign.