Sunday, September 20, 2009


This weekend was Kim's big 3-0 Birthday... and what better way to celebrate than DISNEY!!

Kim, Pam, Zane and I headed down Friday... and ended up going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.. and it was a BLAST!! This will def be a yearly event for us... Here some pics...

Zane LOVED the wheel on the pirate bed!!

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party...

My little pirate!

Zane's FIRST ever Trick-or-Treat :)

Haunted Mansion

It's A Small World

A little girl on It's a Small World had this and Zane liked it so much that she wanted to give it to Zane and her parents let her!! And then they told her what a big girl she was and that they were proud of her for that... I was amazed! and still am that a little girl her age would do such a thing!!

The characters are ALWAYS a hit with Zane....

Watching Fireworks...

The parade....

Pirates of the Caribbean..

LPOP.... Little Passed Out Pirate

After we got off the bus he was still out cold :)

Then on Saturday we got up and headed back to Disney for more fun!

Daddy and Zane waiting on everyone to get ready....

Already passed out (on the way to the park)...

The Dance Party parade... this was neat... the characters actually got off the floats and we danced in the streets with them :)

Family pic in front of the castle

Chip n Dale


With Dumbo

events that happen this weekend...

lol... I through out my phone at the taco restaurant across from pirates... went and watched the parade and didn't realize till we were heading to go ride pirates.. then I though I was going to loose it because we just bought these phones! We went back to the restaurant and the lady was like well she just changed them... I'll see if she's thrown them into the compactor yet... what?!?!! Then come to find out she hadn't.. and well the poor girl that worked there dug through 4 bags of trash and one twice before she found it... and well.. it was dead! and smelt like tacos, lol! We ended up getting one on the way home for $50... LOVE the lady manager at Verizon in Regency!!!

We (Pam, Kim, Zane and I) were sitting on one of the beds in our room talking and Zane was playing with one of his trucks when Mrs Sue (aka Granny) comes over to the
bed and sits down and tells Zane "hey!" and with out missing a beat or taking his eyes off his toy he quickly said "hey!" back ... lol!!

When we were getting ready to leave Disney we went into the gift shop as usual and bought some things... and Zane waved at the lady checking us out when she waved at him... that's the first time he's waved at someone in public :) and then as we were leaving she says "bye bye" ... Zane smiles at her and says "bye bye" :) I LOVE my little man... but he's growing up SO quickly!!!

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