Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday

So today we finally had little man's 9 month appt. I totally forgot about all the back to school physicals when I called to book his appt... I should have called sooner.. but anyways...

He weighed 24.6 lbs and was 30.5 inches long... now... 2 weeks ago I had taken him because Dean and I were quite sick and I was afraid he was getting it... at that point he weighed 21.15 lbs and was 29.5 inches long.. He most def hit a growth spirt!!! Oh.. and I found out that day that he also had 2 more teeth coming in on the top.. hence the fever he was running.

So tonight at dinner Dean was feeding Zane and we were talking and Dean wasn't paying much attention to Zane and all of a sudden we hear Zane say "Bite!" lol.. I swear Dean and I's jaws hit the ground! Dean looked at me and said "Did you hear him!!! He just said Bite! and then Zane repeated.. "Bite" lol.. poor boy was hungry... He ended up saying it a little bit later too! oh.. and just to explain.. When we feed him we always say "bite" or "more" for another bite of food... he just picked that up way quicker than I expected :)

Here some pics of Zane in his cool new jammers before bedtime :)

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