Monday, February 15, 2010

The Perfect 10

So... this is Dean and I's new adventure... and thankfully after all the holidays and that chocolate from V-day.. Thought we still have Easter, lol! Anyways, I have been busting my butt since Zane was 6 weeks old to get this weight off.. and well... I've gotten absolutely NO WHERE! I went to the doctor yet again and she told me to go out and get this book. All I could think was.. well what fad diet is this going to be? Well.. let me just say I was way off base!

This book helps break down just why certain foods are bad for us... why they cause the health problems and diseases that they do... and how they really do effect every aspect of our health. I always knew that certain things were most certainly bad for me.. pasta, soda, sweets... but never could completely understand it.. so I just decided not to care.. and if I did enjoy them.. just do it in moderation.

After reading this book I'm absolutely disgusted with the regulations our government passes about our food... how we think things are safe when in all reality they are far from it. This book made me want no more of the bad food I thought was good!

I truly believe that everyone should at least read this book... I know that everyone isn't going to want to do what this book tells you to do... it's hard! especially because it's not something that is readily available in everyday life... this is something you have to make the decision to do and just go for it! and well.. that's what we've done :)

I'm super excited about this step in our life. I'm excited to teach Zane these steps and why we take them. I feel so much more informed about things that I USE to put in my mouth.

I'll be posting lots of things about this new diet and how it is working for us.. so to be continued.....

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Abbi said...

cool! you will have to keep us updated!! sounds like a great diet!