Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Special...

So as you seen a few weeks back Dean got a tattoo to commemorate Zane. I've always wanted a tattoo but was always SO scared that after getting I might change my mind.. I mean I change my hair like every 3-6 months.. I couldn't do that with a tattoo.. not to mention I'm TERRIFIED of needles!!! Well tonight we went back over to have Raymond do a little touch up on some of Dean's color... and once again I found myself wanting to do something like Dean for Zane. And I DID IT!!!! It's not much (literally the size of a quarter! lol!).. and you can't see it.. but I know it's there. I decided to get a Z on the right side of my c-section scar.. and when/if we have a second their first initial will go on the other side :) Here are just a couple of pics (my camera was at home since I didn't intend on doing this at all!!) :)

Zane's new word today... Bella

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Lindsay Branch said...

It looks awesome!!!