Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woody - Yee Haw

While my car was getting it's oil changed and all that good stuff... Kim and I went and hung out at the Avenue's mall for a while. Zane scored some outfits from Children's Place since they were having a sale and then of course we hit up the Disney store and Aunt Kim got him some new toys!! Buzz and Woody and a plush set of Lightning and Mater.

Here's a quick video while we were still in Kim's car waiting on my car to be pulled around....

Once we got home and Zane discovered (with help from Daddy) that he had a cowboy hat like Woody.. it was on!! lol!!

1 comment:

Abbi said...

too cute!
it's been great seeing yall at vbs this week! he's such a doll!