Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!!

So tonight we met with Dean's family to celebrate Dean's Grandma's birthday, as well as mine, at Cracker Barrel! It was nice to be around family again and out of the house.  Here are some pictures from tonight.....

Oh... and on my last update I completely forgot about Bailey!  Shame on me!  She's adjusting to Zane very very well.  Dean isn't the only protective one of Zane.  Everyone told us how bad she would act when we brought Zane home and she has actually done just the opposite.  She was a great puppy to begin with and she's done nothing but get better.  She's learning patience and she's adjusting well to not have 100% of the attention.  She's such a great puppy!  I also forgot to tell the story about what she did like the 2nd day that we were home... Zane's room is in the middle of the house... well we have a monitor in the living room and one in our bedroom that is at the opposite end of the house.  Well we were in Zane's room and he was crying and all of a sudden we hear Bailey running back and forth down the hall way.... we started cracking up.... she was running from monitor to monitor trying to find Zane.  It was too funny.  Finally Dean stepped out of Zane's room to call her so that she could find him.  She's so great with him, I couldn't be more thankful.

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Hollie said...

Jaime, thanks for your sweet comment.

Great photos! Looks like you all had a fun time together!