Thursday, September 27, 2012

Airmans Run

This morning started out extra early {esp after all our delayed flights and getting here SUPER late}. We're all running off about 2 hours of sleep but I don't care I'm just so ready to see my AIRMAN!!!!

We made it to the first briefing they offered today so that we could just get it over with. Next was out to line up and get ready for the Airman's run. We found a spot next to one of the girls I had met online... her husband is actually in Dean's brother flight. It was hard to find Dean in his flight though I was aware of where to look for him it happens SO quickly and he looked SO different! {I guess losing 25 lbs will do that to a person!} It was certainly hard to restrain from just running out there and grabbing him! HA! They ran by us twice and then they returned to their quadrants to shower and get dressed for the Coin Ceremony as we went to find seats and wait.

After letting the kids run for about 2 hours, having some snacks, talking and meeting some of the girls from our flight page we saw the guys start marching our way!!! AH! I just couldn't hold my excitement, esp when Dean's fight stopped right behind where we were sitting!!!! The coin ceremony was pretty awesome but seemed to last forever, though I'm sure that was because I was on pins and needles to go and tap my husband out!!! ha!

After the ceremony ended I practically tackled Dean when I hugged him! Though that was a short lived hug because there is no pda allowed! After getting a brief huge I took him to the kids who were patiently waiting. Zane ran as soon as he seen him. Peyton on the other hand took a bit to warm up but once she did there was no separating them!

After saying our hello's with everyone and meeting some of Dean's friends we headed out to grab some lunch then headed off to the inn on base. The kids crashed in the one room with granny and melissa and Dean and I went to the other room for some just us time. Then it was time for dinner and more family time before having to get Dean back to his squadrant.

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