Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!


A quick update first... Zane has offically been saying "Momma" since Thursday night. Friday morning I thought I was going to completely fall over. He was in the living room in his high chair and I was walking down the hall... he turned around to look... seen me got a HUGE smile on his face and looked at me and said "Momma!" I thought I was going to loose it and cry! All I could do was look at him and repeat him and say "I love you so much bug!" and picked him up and squeezed him! He totally melted my heart :)

Dean swears that he's heard him about 4 times since Sat morning say Bailey... ???... I haven't heard it... so that case is being left open, lol!

I should be posting about our bathroom re-model shortly.. just a few last min touches :)

Oh... and Zane's first tooth has FINALLY popped through!! Here is a pic taken on the 1st.. We noticed it about a week ago... I need to take another pic of it now :)

So this 4th of July we decided to have a few people over for a cook out. We had blast! GREAT food... and a slip-n-slide, lol! Bailey even seemed to have a good time... she chased everyone as we went down the slip-n-slide. Zane swam in his pool and snacked off of mommy's plate. We had planned on going to Jax to watch fireworks.. but after staying up late working on our bathroom Friday night and then being in the sunny running and playing.. we were so wore out that we all crashed around 6! then woke up for a little bit around 8 and then hit the hay for good around 10. We were tired. Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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