Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Funday

So today we made plans with Brittany and Micheal to head to Summer Waves after church. Well... Dean and I have been SOOO busy the last week with the bathroom and staying up late working on it and then yesterday playing out in the sun that we crashed today! Zane woke up around 7:30 and Dean got up, fed him and put him back to sleep. Then we all 3 ended up sleeping till 11:30!! lol, then I get a text from Brittany that they had missed church this morning too. So I called her.. and we started getting ready to hit the road.

We met in Folkston about 1:30 and rode with them up there. Come to find out.. neither Micheal or Dean had EVER been!! lol! I've been with Dean for 8 years and never knew this!! Anyways.. .no pics.. wasn't about to drag my camera into a water zone and leave it sitting around.. but we has a BLAST! We went for the "Night Splash" where it's only $12 per person after 3.. and they closed at 6.. so we thought that wasn't a bad price and we knew Zane wouldn't last all day anyways :) We all took turns pairing off and riding the slides and then hit up the wave pool. I so wish I had my camera!! we had Zane in his life jacket sitting in one of the tubes.. it was so freaking cute!! He was laughing and smiling!! It was seriously picture perfect! Anyways.. once Zane had enough of the wave pool.. Brittany and I took him over to the kiddy area to play while the guys went and road a few more slides before we headed out.

After leaving we decided to take a tour around the island and then head home... little man passed out fairly quickly (it's been a long 3 days for him) and we hit up Krystals on the way home for dinner. It was a great day had by all!!

Going to head to bed... we've got another adventure awaiting us tom!!! :) Night Night all!!

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