Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Tracking....

Monday and Tues (7-13 & 14) had lots of naps in them... lol... I was so beat from the wedding this weekend. I spent most of the two days editing and sleeping... sad, I know. :)

These are from last Wed (7-15).... I was cleaning up the kitchen while Zane was crawling around... next thing I know he's climbing up the back of the high chair... so I grabbed the camera and waited for him to do it again :) Then I started back on the kitchen when I heard the dog bowls start moving... and yes.. he was trying to eat the dog food, lol!

Thursday (7-16) was full of errands... and then dinner with Kim, Grandma and Dean at Cracker Barrel.. then we headed off to Lane and Deanna's house for a visit with them and Hannah... Zane actually came home with a new toy... :) ... now just to get the baby stuff we don't use back to them to make room for all the new stuff he's gotten lately.. lol!

Friday (7-17) I had to finish up errands that didn't make it on Thursday... by that night mommy was ready to hang herself... my great and wonderful smiling baby turned into a screaming and crying child (I HATE TEETHING!!!). He was even screaming at poor Bailey :(

Saturday (7-18) was our 3rd All Wet Wakeboard Contest.. I have to be honest I really thought it was going to POUR!! We had some sprinkles here and there and we were actually done by 4pm!! After the contest.. The Pedersen's, Jenn, Dean, Zane and I went to Cracker Barrel to grab some food then we all headed out to our house. The Pedersen's stayed at our house for a river day Sunday. Saturday night we actually ended up going to Shogun to eat!! I love that place (just found out that I don't like it however at 10pm with drunk cooks cooking that should be sent home... thank goodness he wasn't our cook... he was crazy!!) Anyways... Sunday Jenn, Dakota, The Pedersen's, Dean, Zane and I headed out to the river for the day... and I ofcourse took NO pictures (I know, I know)... we had a great time though!!

Here are so pictures I snapped of Zane and Dean before the contest on Sat....

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