Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday....

Ok.. so not really Manic... lol.. but it makes for a good title :)

So today Zane and I rode down to Orlando with Brittany to pick up their Nautique. Zane and I were suppose to leave around 9ish.. and well didn't leave till 10:30... because someone... DEAN... forgot to put the spare for the boat in the trunk just in case we ended up needing it. So after getting to Brittany's and getting everything in the truck we were on our way. It rained on and off there... Once we got to the dealer.. lol.. we pulled right up to the boat... hooked up.. one of the guys can and helped us... and then we left! No one asked any questions.. nothing... I told Brittany when they call to say someone picked up your boat she should tell them sounds like they owe them a boat.. lol! Anyways.. when we left I was driving.... and we missed our on ramp to I4.. lol.. so I had to do a u-turn.. lol.. it was funny! We had great weather the whole way home... it sprinkled a few times.. but no heavy rain like on the way there. We made great time!! We made it back to Brittany's by 5:30! and that was us leaving at 11 and stopping at the pig for breakfast... Vystar... a jiffy... the dealer... food and gas... We're awesome!! lol!

Zane was pretty funny while Brittany was in the back with him. He certainly knows what a camera is! He would be sitting back there crying and then Brittany would break out the camera to take pics.. and he would be all giggles and grins... when it went away the whining returned.. he'd see the camera and was all smiles again.. it was pretty funny! I'll have to steal her pics :)

Once we got into Jax.. actually when we were getting off on US 1 Dean called.. so we decided to have dinner at Micheal's and Brittany's... and well dye my hair, lol. So the guys went to chicken house to get dinner while I changed colors :) We also played around with Brittany's mac taking distorted pics... hahahaha.. got to steal those too.. they are freaking GREAT!!! I actually had to stop taking pics and run to the bathroom I was laughing so hard I about peed on myself!!! lol!

It was a fun day.. .and the trip to Orlando and back actually seemed to really fly.. especially the trip home. Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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