Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Peyton!

I'm still having difficulty believing it's been a whole year since we first met Miss Priss, and I couldn't imagine life without her. She certainly completes our little family! Today we celebrated with family and friends and I couldn't have been happier with the way thing turned out... it was SO pretty! Her theme was pink elephants.. but I mainly concentrated on the colors.. white, gray and light pink. There was a dessert table {mini cherry cheesecakes, pink and white powdered donuts, chocolate dipped marshmallows, pink chocolate popcorn, cake pops, cookies, pretzel buttons, chocolate covered oreos and strawberry filled cupcakes}. There was a mini candy bar for take home treats and the favors for the kids were little boxes of animal cookies. Lunch was as simple as Subway sandwiches, nuggets for the kids, chips and then fruit and veges. Funniest thing of the day... As we were getting ready to sing happy birthday to Peyton Zane didn't want to join us because he was still eating .. so we decided to go ahead without him. As we finished singing we hear Zane yelling at all of us and telling us we were all getting spankings and going to time out. HA! So we re-lite the candle and sang again, WITH Zane.. and he blew out the candle for Peyton. Love that little boy!!! I must admit as fun and perfect as today was I was heart broken when thinking about my daddy not being here. We had just talked about her birthday.. how can this really be happening... he's suppose to be here. :( Miss you daddy!

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